Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Conversations in the car

Yesterday, I asked Trevor to name three things he likes about Devin. They were:
1. I love Devin
2. I like to play games with Devin
3. I like to play water guns with Devin.

I asked Devin the same thing about Trevor. He said:
1. I love Trevor.

And, since he doesn't really get counting, he stopped there. But, Trevor asked, "do you like playing games with me?" and Devin said, "Yeah." And, then Trevor asked, "do you like playing water guns with me?" and Devin said, "yeah."

So their answers were just about the same.

Then, I asked Trevor to name 4 things he likes about his dad. His answers were surprising, sorta. They were:
1. I like when he lets us go out for dinner.
2. I like when he drives us to the airport. At this point in the conversation, Devin interjected, "I want to go to the airport!"
3. I like when he hugs and loves me.

I think the last one counted as two because hugging and loving and two seperate activities.

That was our conversation in the car yesterday. It was way better than:
Mommy: "STOP KICKING MY SEAT!" and the conversation that ensues after that statement has been made.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Picture Post

Happy Belated Mother's Day to the Grandmas.

Build-a-bear Mania!

The look. All I wanted was another picture of his freckles.

No freckles here yet.

Daddy thinks it's actually possible that he was this cute once.

Guess who spent all of Friday night outside in the rain? Yes. It was Socks. All night. Silly cat. The next night, she slept between me and Daddy under the covers to make up for it. I don't know what Trevor and Devin were making up for when they got under the covers with us, but it was one mammal too many and Daddy jumped ship...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Safety First

The boys and I were outside yesterday evening. They were playing on the driveway (our most favorite place to play) and I was talking on the phone to my spectacular sister, Vikki. She was cool when I talked to the boys without putting her on hold or saying excuse me. She didn't get annoyed. She's good like that.

So, the boys wanted to get their bikes out which meant they needed helmets. They knew this on their own. "Where's my helmet?" Trevor asked. "Inside," I said.

"Where's my helmet?" Devin asked two second after Trevor asked. "Inside," I said.

So, off they go into the house. I'm talking on the phone and I'm not really sure where they went, but they were safe because they ran to the gated back yard and not the street.

All of a sudden, Trevor comes out with his helmet on and buckled under his chin. Two seconds later, Devin comes out, too. He's wearing a big grin and a set of Mickey Mouse ears.

I probably would have let it go, too, because I was enjoying my phone call to Aunt Vikki. But, Trevor is truly his brother's keeper. Devin got on his trike, and Trevor said, "NO, you can't wear that instead of a helmet!"

So, I went inside and got Devin's helmet myself, stuck it on his head, and buckled it under his chin.

Safety. First.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I'm sorry

Daddy took Devin and Trevor in this morning. It was hard. There was an accident that had traffic backed up, and it took him about an hour to get them to school. Oh, my.

About 30 minutes into the trip, Daddy called me to express his frustration. Devin had already taken off his shoes and socks and thrown them at Daddy. Plus, he was kicking Trevor in the face. I'm not sure HOW he did that since they were both buckled in, but I believe that it occurred.

I talked to the boys. I revved up my mommy guilt engine and told them to stop making Daddy crazy.

It must have worked. They got quiet when I was on the phone with them, and Daddy called me about 30 minutes later to tell me that when the finally got to work, Devin said, "I'm sorry I threw my shoes and socks at you, Daddy. I'm sorry I kicked you in the face, Trevor."

I wish this signified the turning of a corner, but I'm guessing it's just a progression. He's just a little more mature today than he was yesterday.


Can you see his freckles? They've gotten a little darker since we took this picture. They're still delicate and sweet. I think I need to apply sunscreen every day!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

On moving...

When we decided that moving was the right thing to do, we introduced the idea to Trevor slowly. We told him what was going on, and he resisted. So, we stopped talking about it. Then we got our real estate agent to come over and talk to us. His name is Chuck, but Trevor called him Cha, and didn't appreciate his visit.

Then, they stuck a sign in the front yard. Trevor threatened to knock it down himself, told us to take it down, and told us that he just didn't like it at all. we proceeded with caution, and just tried to avoid the subject. When we did talk to him about it, it was always about how great it would be. He wasn't interested. He wanted to stay with the neighbors, and if they moved, he would just move with them. He just wasn't having any of it.

Then, one day, it was cold. His bedroom gets really cold in the winter and really hot in the summer. Once last summer, it was 94 degrees in there with the A/C on! So, Trevor and his dad were talking about how cold it had been in the bedroom the night before. Dad suggested that we just get Trevor a new room. It seemed like a good idea to Trevor. Dad further suggested that we get Trevor a new room in a new house in a different state. This was also palatable to Trevor. Ever since then, Trevor has been OK with the move. Now that it's warm outside, if I don't watch him, he plays with that sign and I'm afraid he will take it down on top of his head. But, it's not because he doesn't want to move. I guess that For Sale sign is fun to play with. Now, Trevor seems to look forward to the move. I hope that we have good neighbors with a 4 year old son who likes Hot Wheels and can tolerate a 2 year old. That's what I hope for. Hope for it with me, please. That would make every thing perfect...

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Trevor had a campover last night with his aunt and uncle. I looked forward to with dread and with anticipation. On the one hand, my worst case scenario engine was in high gear, and I imagined all sorts of bad things. On the other, I looked forward to him having fun on his own. It turned out fine, though, and he is safely back home.

When the invitation first came through, I knew that Devin would be unhappy about not receiving the same invitation. So, we sorta kept it hush-hush until closer to the actual event. It was probably Wednesday when Trevor first brought it up in the car. Devin knew exactly what was going to happen. Trevor was going to visit his aunt and uncle and Devin was not. He wasn't happy. I was not in a good place as a mom. As the second child in my own family, I knew how this felt, and I didn't want to make it worse. At the same time, I didn't want to make Trevor feel bad by telling Devin how much fun he was going to have with his mom and dad.

Trevor came to my rescue.

He told Devin that he was going to be having a Devin party! And, since it was Trevor's idea, we could talk about this party without Trevor deciding he needed to stay home for the party. Fantastic.

Saturday morning, the day of the campover, Devin woke up at 5, went downstairs and yelled, "MOMMY!" I went to check on him, and he said, "Where is Trevor?" I told him that Trevor was in my bed, and I asked him to come back to bed. I laid down with him, and he said, "Is today my birthday party?" I told him that today was certainly his special Devin party. He was excited, and we talked about a few more minutes, and then he went downstairs demanding juice and toast.

Still, the moment their aunt and uncle pulled into the driveway, Devin's heart seemed to shatter into a million pieces. He cried and cried and cried. He didn't stop crying until they left. Then, he stopped crying pretty quickly. Actually, he recovered faster than I did. I was still sad about his sadness, and he was hitting a ball.

He asked about Trevor a few times, but he was back to his normal self. I really have to remember how fast he recovered and try hard not to project my feelings onto him. He had a good time at the park, at Wildfire, and shopping for packing tape and diapers. He didn't get cake, but he didn't seem to notice.

Trevor did great at his campover, wearing out his dog cousins. He didn't cry to come home at all, he didn't fall into the pond or the bonfire, and he didn't fall down the stairs. Those were all worst case scenarios for me. But, he's a safe kid, and he was well taken care of.

This morning, we picked him up and took the boys to Ikea. We dropped Trevor off at their supervised play place. Devin was OK with not going. He's not allowed because he's not potty trained. I handed Devin off to his dad as quick as I could, but he came right back to me. He patted my back and said, "that's better, mommy. Is that better, mommy?"

Yeah, it's all better.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Devin, Devin, Devin

We were out late last night. We didn't get home until after bedtime. Still, I gave each of the boys a donut. They wanted dessert, and I had gotten them donuts for dessert. This was silly. Donuts right before bed. Silly. Won't do it again. Those kids did not fall asleep until an hour and a half after their normal bedtime! Devin was really the dynamic that was keeping them both awake. Calling himself Winnie the Pooh, he just would not go to sleep.

I went to their room about an hour and 15 minutes into their awake time, and I quietly talked to Devin. He said, "I weally, weally wuff oo. I weally, weally wuff oo." Then he squeezed my nose and said "Squeeze, Squeeze." I told him to go to sleep. He told me that he weally, weally wuffed me. I told that I really loved him too, and he said, "NO! I weally, weally wuff oo!" Then he poked me in my eye and laughed.

Quietly in my just above a whisper voice, I promised him a donut for breakfast if he stayed in bed and went to sleep.

It worked.

This morning, he had a donut for breakfast. They really are breakfast foods and not bedtime snacks.

Part II:
Devin came over to me this morning in the living room, looked at the floor, and said, "that mumbly monster is weally scary. That mumbly monster is weally, weally skerring me." I looked at the floor. He was looking at a fuzzball from Socks. I really ought to vacuum.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

You know who's cute?

My baby's daddy.

This morning, we dressed Devin in a long sleeved shirt with construction equipment on it. It's a little chilly, so daddy got out Devin's jacket. But, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the vest that went with Devin's shirt. He said, "OH!", and then promptly threw the jacket aside and added the coordinating vest to Devin's ensemble.

Perfect! And, isn't that just cute as can be?

So very Talkative

Devin is a happy, happy child. He talks a lot, he smiles a lot. He cries every now and then, but he never really throws tantrums. At least, he doesn't throw tantrums the same way that Trevor does. Thank Goodness. By the time he has grown into them, hopefully Trevor has grown out of them. Otherwise, I will lose my sanity. I.WILL.LOSE.MY.SANITY.

Well, the other day, I was in the basement playing on the computer and Devin asked me for juice. I told him to go ask Dad because he was already upstairs with the juice.

He went up to Daddy and said, "I want juice. It's in the kitchen."

I don't know. If he knows it's in the kitchen, why doesn't he just get it himself?

Ya know, the point of this story is that Devin brings joy with his happy little self. He gets away with a lot, too, with his happy little self. Maybe, he'll come to understand that I won't be able to say no to his happy little self and never enter the tantrum phase. That would be so cool. Maybe.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Raindrops are falling on my car

We got a little rain yesterday. Not a whole lot, but enough to make the normally competent Chicagoland drivers a bit skittish. Seeing long lines of traffic on my normal route and wanting to avoid that, I took a different route. My decision was not smart. I ended up being stuck on a mile long road for 10 to 15 minutes.

The boys were antsy about this. They both kept telling me to go. Trevor said, "Why can't you go around these cars?" I told him that would be unsafe. "Why would it be unsafe?" I told him because I would have to get into the other lane and that other lane was for oncoming traffic. "Why would that be unsafe?" I told him it would be unsafe because those cars would hit me, and then we would crash, and then we would die, maybe, or at least, we would get hurt. Then, I told him he was distracting me and I had to drive.

Two minutes later, Devin said, "GO, MOMMY!" I told him that I couldn't.

Another minute passed and Trevor says, "MOM, THIS TRAFFIC IS BACKING ME UP! IT'S FREAKING ME OUT!"

Left with no other choices, I giggled. That was funny.

Monday, May 14, 2007

A new blog

I am a blogging fool. This weekend, I had an idea for a site that could potentially get real traffic and also provide me with a professional type outlet in case I am not able to keep my job with my current company.

In my last few jobs, people normally make their way to my cube and say things like, "I hear that you're an Excel Guru. Can you help me with something?" And, I go to their cube and help them with the something they need help with and try to leave them with some other tip or trick I've picked up over the years. In my own mind, I am a super-user of Excel. And, it's probably my favorite application at the moment. Pivot tables make me giddy.

If you're a regular user or a super user of Excel, don't expect to be impressed with my content just yet. I've started simple with tips and tricks that I'm always surprised people don't know. I expect to get into the heavy stuff soon, though. Take a look, and let me know what you think:
Your Excel Guru for the Office

Friday, May 11, 2007

it's called "Positive Redirection"

The other day when I picked up the kids from school, Trevor told me that he had been invited to a birthday party. I casually mentioned how nice that was but that I had not picked up the invitation because I didn't go into his room (he was outside on the playground when I picked him up.) He stopped dead in his tracks and told me that we had to go back in to get the invitation. Picking these two up is a chore. 100 feet from the car, the only thing I go back for is if he has to potty. So, I casually told him that we would pick it up the next day. He had a melt down. He called me "stupid." He told me that I was not his mother any longer. He told me that I would no longer be allowed to take him to daycare. And, then he called me stupid again. He may have said he hated me, but if he did, I'm blocking it.

Fast forward to this morning.

Devin started saying the word, "Stupid." He said it over and over and over, and my telling him to stop only prompted him to kick the seat in front of him and say the word even more.

I know he looks up to Trevor, so I asked Trevor to tell him that Stupid was a bad word. Trevor said, "Devin, Stupid is a bad. Another word you can say is Awesome or Cool."

WOW. My kid is using a tactic on his brother. I was impressed. This was not my tactic. My tactic came next.

"Devin, you have one more chance. This is your final chance. If you say stupid again, you will get a time-out. Do you want a time-out?"

It seemed to work. Devin stopped saying stupid. I'm not sure if it was Trevor's tactic or my tactic that worked, but Devin stopped saying stupid. UNTIL. UNTIL. UNTIL Trevor brought it up again.

Two minutes after Devin last said Stupid, Trevor said, "Are you done saying Stupid, Devin?"

Devin said, "Stupid, Stupid, Stupid" and started kicking the seat in front of him.

When I got to school, I told Trevor's teacher about the incident in the car about how Trevor offered different words that Devin might be able to say instead of stupid. I told her it wasn't my tactic at all and that I expected it was hers.

"Ahhh," she said. "Yes. It's called Positive Redirection."

He's like a little sponge, that Trevor.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Aunt Mickey Mouse and the local Cemetery

I am so proud of my sister, Vikki. She finished a two year degree in two years despite having a tiny little baby at home and then getting pregnant with Baby Number 2 before finishing the program. She's an Amazing Person. I think she loses sight of that sometimes, but it's true. Few people in the WORLD can do what she did. Amazing.

We were on the phone the other day and the kids were all over me, so I said to her, "HERE, talk to Devin!" I told Devin, "Say something to your Aunt Vikki."

He grinned and said, "Hello Mickey Mouse!" I am raising a couple of Disney Freaks, it's true!

Vikki works for a funeral home now. She takes care of the dead and their loved ones. So, I feel it is with that piece of tangential authority that I can answer all of Trevor's questions about the cemetery that we pass on the way to work/daycare every day. And, he asks questions almost every day that we pass by that cemetery. And, if we pass by a cemetery in another place, he points that out, too.

Here are some of his questions:
"What are headstones?"
"Who lives in the cemetery?"
"Why do they live in the cemetery?"
"Why are there buildings in the cemetery?"
"Why do people go to the cemetery?"
"Why do we never go to the cemetery?"
"Why are there roads in the cemetery?"
"Why is the cemetery open?"
"Why does Aunt Vikki take care of people in the cemetery?"

Maybe it's not odd, maybe it is. I'm not sure. But, that Trevor asks a lot of questions about cemeteries. And, now he knows a lot about cemeteries. He's a 4 year old authority on cemeteries.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I got a new bike

So, I got a new bike. It's my Mother's Day present. I LOVE this bike. I rode it 4 miles yesterday, and it was like a walk in the park. No complaints at all. My hiney doesn't even hurt today. It's called a comfort bike, and it's like an old 3-speed. Except it has a gel seat and 21 speeds. I like goin' bike-ridin' again! Even along the Des Plaines River as bugs land in my teeth. It was awesome. We went to Chicago on Sunday to pick out the bike. After telling the sales person what I wanted, he showed me the $1000 bike. Of course. Then I asked him to scale it back a bit. I liked the scaled back version just as much as the bells and whistles version, but it was still pricey. I asked him to take it down another notch. I got that bike. And, I love it. I can't wait to ride it again. As I struggled with my decision, Daddy said that he just wanted me to be able to keep up with him. I said that probably wouldn't happen. So, then he just wanted me to ride with him without complaining. With this bike, he had trouble keeping up with me! Quality does matter.

So, the bike was fantastic. And, I left work a little early so that I could go on this family bike ride I mentioned above. But, it almost didn't happen.

On the way home, I told Trevor we would probably go for a ride, and that he would be sitting in the buggy. He wanted to ride his Spiderman Bike. Then, he wanted to invite E from next door over to play. After much negotiations, we strapped the boys into the buggy. Then, Daddy's boss called. She talked to him for about 20 minutes while Trevor's frustration about not being able to do what he wanted when he wanted grew and grew and grew. He finally squeezed out of the harness and threw the biggest of all tantrums. Daddy was still on the phone. I was beginning to think that the universe was warning me this bike ride that I had been anticipating the entire day was doomed and a big tragedy waiting to happen.

I used my calmest voice and tried to convince Trevor that it was my way or the highway...which is to say my way was the only option. It didn't work. So, we forced him into the buggy against his will. Not easy. He's got big muscles from eating eggs and drinking regular milk! Devin had to tell Trevor to "BE NICE" because as he was sitting quietly waiting to go on our family bike ride, he got in the way of a flailing tantrum-throwing Trevor.

Regardless, we finally went on our way. Once we were rolling, the boys seemed calm for the most part. But, I was on a lovely bike all by myself, and Daddy was pulling 60+ pounds of trailer and children. He tells me they complained a lot. But, I didn't hear them crying, and Daddy didn't have to stop to make them stop hitting each other. And, it was nice. Especially for me. On my new bike that I love.

No tragedies occured, unless you count all those gnats that died in my teeth and hair and on my shirt and face. I suppose my lovely bike ride was tragic for them. I'm having trouble counting that, though.

And, in job manager's manager just told me that he would like to see me continue working for the company after I move, at least in the short term. I may be a consultant. I may only have a 3 month gig. I'm hoping to be an employee with a 1 year gig, though. So, keep thinking positive thoughts for me! My manager's manager has to convince his manager, yet. But, I have high hopes he will be able to do that.

Monday, May 07, 2007

The things we say...

more than anything else...

Mommy and Daddy (to Devin and Trevor): "STOP PICKING YOUR NOSE! It's disgusting!"

Devin to Trevor and Mommy and Daddy: "I want my owns!" and "My turn."

Trevor to Mommy and Daddy: "Why...?" "Why should you never...?"
(this morning, he asked me how the satellite receiver for our TV works and how landing hard on his back knocks the wind out of him. That's a story for another day.)

Saturday, May 05, 2007

WDW Photots


This one has a few inches to go, though.

They look too cool in their shades, don't ya think?

Sniff, Sniff...He looks more like 5 than 4 in this picture.

Trevor is digging for's like all of his dreams are coming true!

Devin's doing exactly what his big brother is doing. It's like all of his dreams are coming true!

I just like this one.

It's fun to dress them alike, but not EXACTLY alike.

Our new favorite picture...Is it yours, too? Daddy had spent several minutes trying to get both boys to smile at once. Finally, Trevor intervened.

Devin thinks that Trevor's smile is goofy.

So, he fixed his wagon and pulled his hair. Oh, brother.

I told Trevor,"Show me your mad face."

Then, I said, "Show me your happy face!"

Porcupine Butt.

Shoulder Riding.

Sometimes, it's exhausting.

Devin is cute. So stinkin' cute. I may have mentioned this before.

Really, Really Cute.


And, Trevor is just a good big brother, trying to get Devin to go down that slide.

Friday, May 04, 2007


It's been a couple of days, and my children have been precious and annoying, and I have already forgotten some of the things they have done. Poop.

But, I remember this...
Trevor had a show and share yesterday. They already made it all the way through the alphabet, so they were specifically told not to bring anything that starts with the letter A. I bet his teacher specifically told him something other than that, but that was his interpretation. So, we sent him to school with his new Carnataurus (Meat Eating Bull) Dinosaur that he had gotten at Animal Kingdown after much negotiations and a second ride on that scary Dinosaur ride they have there.

Well, Trevor's scary Carnataurus (his name in Dinomax, by the way) was the most popular of all the show and share items. At least, that's what Trevor had to say. But, you know what? Trevor HATES Mary Poppins. Someone must have brought Mary Poppins, and she wasn't a very popular toy at all. Because Trevor told me that he HATED her. I wish he hadn't learned the word "Hate" quite yet. The most popular toy right after Dinomax was a pair of "Handcups" that his friend Clark brought from home. Those handcups are used for "under-arresting people." I really like the way he says that. It was so much more efficient than saying "putting people under arrest." Don't you think?

There are only about 3 girls in Trevor's class. I'm not surprised that Dinosaurs and handcups were the best toys and Mary Poppins was the worst.

Trevor was naming off his friends last night. He named off several classmates and some home friends, too. I asked if he liked Nicole from his class. "Nah, I don't really have a lot of girl friends." I asked about his good friend, M, who is a girl. "Oh yeah, she's my girl friend." Then, Daddy asked if that meant he only had one girlfriend, like he was trying to get him to commit to M for the rest of his life or something (and I think he would if he had that option). Trevor replied, "yeah, I only have one girl friend. I have a lot more boy friends." Daddy thought his attempt to gauge Trevor's true love interest in M just completely backfired. He does love the divine miss M. I will miss getting to see them grow up together once we move away. They have an interesting dynamic.

In other news, I've gotten a few hits on my site from people looking for more information on Tim McGraw's song about 1-2-3, like a bird I sing! If I got more than 100, I would call myself an authority on the web regarding that song. But, I only got about 10. So, just in case Tim McGraw googles his lyrics and finds my site, I just want to give a shout out to him..Hey Tim! Good to see you here! If you're just looking for more info on his lyrics...HEY to you, too.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Catch up time

Daddy made dinner tonight. DADDY MADE DINNER TONIGHT! WOW! I think I have time to catch up on my blog! Do you think he'll do the dishes? Put the food away? He might! HE MIGHT NOT! Only time will tell...

We went to Walt Disney World last week. You would think that a 2 year old would have nothing but a good time in such a place. But, on the third day we were there, Devin told me, "I'm bored of this!" It was a surprising statement to me. It appeared that he was having a very good time prior to and immediately after his statement of boredom.

The next day, we went swimming in the resort pool. On the way back to our room, he told me in his most conversational tone, "I had a good time swimming, today." I guess he probably did. When he's wearing his life vest, he's quite a good doggie paddler. Trevor is also an exceptional doggie paddler. Oddly enough, Devin got more forward motion than Trevor during their doggie paddles. But, they were both really good at staying afloat. Trevor also braved the water slide several times. He tried it once without his life vest at my insistence, but his sense of self preservation was too strong, and he wouldn't go down the slide again without his life vest. We're pretty blessed to have a kid who is willing take risks but only if he feels safe.

Our last day at WDW, Trevor threw a tantrum because it was our last day of vacation. I tried to reason with him that we had to go how to see our cat Socks (see below for more info on how she fared while we vacationed.) My mention of Socks did not have the effect I intended. He cried and cried and cried because he missed his cat. So, we called and left her a voicemail. I'll get Daddy involved and try to post it here. It's sweet and funny, and it did the trick. He cheered up, at least temporarily after leaving that message. Did I mention that Trevor appears to be afraid of Socks now? Yeah. He's afraid of our cat now. Just a little.

Tomorrow is the big trike-a-thon at the Boys' School. Thanks to the grandmas, grandpas, and Auntie Lucilles who sponsored them. They appreciate it!

Trevor is incredibly bright. We're blessed this way, too. But, he has trouble saying some things. Or, maybe he's got a severe midwestern accent. I'm not sure. We were talking about Socks the other day. She's gotten fat. She actually gained weight while we were at WDW. I was afraid she was going to run out of food, but she just got into the 20 pound bag in the basement. Anyway, Trevor asked, "why is Socks Fat?" Except "Fat" came out in two syllables...fay-at. Just know, he's watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Goofy asked a question. He responded, "Yeah." But, it sounded like...yay-ah. This morning, he asked for my "badge" so he could open the door to daycare. He said it like (can you guess?)...bay-adge. Well, it's funny. I think he knows the right way to say these little one syllable words. Just now, Trevor made a funny face at me and said, "I was trying to make you lay-augh." Two syllables are just more fun (and creative!)

And, I would like to offer an update on the Tim McGraw song. We still sing it. I still like it. But, Devin offers a new twist...
Fly Away, Fly Away
Fly Away,

That last part, that's from Jay-Jay the Jet Plane. He watched that a couple of times when we visited his Grandma and Grandpa. We don't watch it at home anymore. Brenda Blue really gets on my nerves (her lipstick is TOO red for a pre-school show!) Still, the song really stuck with Devin...

(Oh, and I told the folks at my job about our upcoming move. I'm not hated and despised, and I may, in fact, get to maintain employment after we move (think positive thoughts for me, please.))))

Here's the Jay Jay lyrics:
The sun is rising high up over Terrytown,
Friends taking off and friends touching down.
That's where you'll find that one-of-a-kind
Jay-Jay, Jay-Jay the Jet Plane.
(that's me!)

Never been another little guy like this
So much in love with the sky like this
So buckle-up tight, it's a musical flight
With Jay-Jay, (Jay-Jay) Jay-Jay the Jet Plane.
(that's me!)