Friday, March 31, 2006


I checked in on Devin this morning, and he wasn't in bed. Daddy was already downstairs, so I assumed he'd gotten Devin up.

I went to the basement for some clothes, and when I came back up to the kitchen, I asked Daddy what he'd done with Devin. "I left him in bed," he told me.

I assumed I was mistaken and that Devin must have been in bed under the covers, and I ran upstairs to check on him. I was beginning to experience a bit of panic then. He wasn't in his bed at all. Confused, panicked, I started looking for him in the upstairs bathroom and our bedroom. He wasn't there, either. Big Panic time! Who could have taken him? My mind raced ahead to calling police!

Then, I heard a muffled Devin cry.

I went back to his room. I could hear him crying, but I couldn't see him. I checked the closet, and in all the corners of his room. I realized the cry was coming from beneath his toddler bed. I lifted it up and there he was.

He was still pretty tired. There's only about 6 to 8 inches under his toddler bed. I don't know how he scooched under there in his sleep, but I think it probably was not the best sleep of his life.

In other Devin news, he's being transitioned to a toddler room at the daycare. The teachers like to hold him and call him Peanut...

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Now, this isn't funny. It's for posterity.

Trevor kicked Socks yesterday. He kicked her hard with his shoe on. Later he said it was because she scratched him. He has been acting afraid of her lately, and I have to shut his door at night because "my kitty will come in and botter me" he says.

I nagged him for about 30 minutes, and I brought it up later a few times, too. I don't think it will happen again.

I should learn from this. I think he really understands how disappointed I was. We talked about how he felt and how I felt and how Socks felt. Somehow, I have to start having the same conversations with him when he knocks Devin over.

Trevor's potty mouth strikes again!

Shopping the other day, Trevor blurted out BUSTERD! a few times.

I don't say this word very often, and neither does Daddy. So, I was confused who could have taught him this word.

As we questioned him, he said that Busterd's brother is Frank. Aha! Not bastard, not busterd, but Buster, of the Koala Brothers on the Disney Channel!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

More Doll Stuff

In the car this weekend, Trevor was talking about the scary things with the bloody eyebrows. I wasn't sure if he was saying bloody or pretty, but we eventually figured out he was saying bloody.

We also eventually figured out he was talking about Raggedy Ann and Andy.

When we got home, we brought the dolls downstairs. Devin loved them, of course. Trevor was apprehensive about them, but when we pointed out the eyebrows were black, he seemed comfortable around the dolls. Not 100%, like Devin, but not bad.

I eventually moved the dolls to Trevor's bedroom to a rocking chair. In the course of straightening up, they got covered up with a king-sized red blanket. After Trevor had been in bed for a few minutes, he came running into the living room and told me I had to get the dolls out of his room. I couldn't even see them under the blanket, but I'm not a 3 year old with visions of bloody eyebrows dancing in my head, either, so I just moved them out of his room.

The right combination...sleep

I moved Trevor's toddler bed that he NEVER used up to Devin's room and moved Devin's crib with one side removed to Trevor's room. Then, I called the three-sided crib a daybed.

Now, Trevor calls his daybed a nightbed at night, and he sleeps in bed instead of on the floor. And, he likes it. It really is the right combination!

Devin sleeps in the toddler bed just like it's the crib. We put him to bed, and he falls asleep, and then he stays in bed. Even when he wakes up, he stays in bed and cries, just like he's in the 4 sided crib and can't get out. The first night, he ended up in the middle of the bedroom floor, but that seems to be have been an isolated incident.

I tell you's cool.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Dinner, the best ever!

I made skirt steak tonight. I broiled it for about 7 minutes on each side with just some salt and pepper. I put more salt on that I normally would, but it was just the right amount, as it turned out. It was about 1-1/2 pounds of meat.

I gave Trevor a little steak, and he ate it all and said, "more steak!" I gave him more, and he ate that and asked for more. He asked for more steak about 5 times. He ate alot! Then, Devin said, "MUH, MUUHHHH!" and pushed his little plate toward me. He got about 3 servings. I had to take a piece of steak off of John's fork for that meat request!

It was really yummy. I think I'll make it again some night.

Is this blogworthy? I don't know if it is or not. But, it was very cute the way that my family asked for seconds, thirds, fourths and fifths. Almost makes me want to learn to cook!


I have a little bear that my Granny Agnes made for my sister, Sindy. Trevor thinks it's scary, but Devin seems to like it. Do you think it's scary?

In fact, he saw the bear on the steps tonight, and he threw it across the room and exclaimed, "TOO SCARY! TOO SCARY!"

Daddy just told me that after Trevor expressed his fear of this cute little piece of my childhood (although it was Sindy's bear, I always coveted it), he went upstairs to my bedroom. I have a bed doll that my mom made. It's a crocheted doll, yellow, very pretty. Trevor said that this dancing doll was scary. Then, he noticed Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy in the closet. He told Daddy that they were scary, too, and mentioned that he would just close the closet door.

Now Devin, he likes the scary little bear. He hugs it close and appears to love it alot. Devin is cute. I think I've mentioned that. Tonight, I was cleaning up after dinner (this is never a small feat, by the way.) Devin heard me turn on the little electric sweeper. He came running so fast one of his shoes fell off! He took the little broom from me and insisted on finishing the job. Well, he did his best, and the house got away from me a long time ago, so I'm very proud of his helpfulness.

Little Jobs for Devin

After I changed Devin's wet diaper this morning, I gave him the diaper, all rolled up in a tight little ball, and I told him to take it to the garbage. Devin's normally pretty good at taking things to the garbage. He's also not bad at putting things in the sink, but that's a little tougher since he's so short. He has to throw things in the sink, and he's not all that consistent.

But I have digressed.

This morning, I gave him the diaper to throw away. He took the diaper and was walking to the garbage can. Then, Trevor came out of the bathroom, and Devin was sidetracked. He put the diaper down. I picked it up, and I started walking towards the garbage can. Devin yelled at me and nearly ran to where I was. I imagined he was saying, "Hey! That's my job, Don't take my job, give me that wet diaper!!"

He didn't say that, but it's what I imagined...


Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I cleaned out John's car yesterday so that he can get it cleaned by professionals.

Trevor was asleep in the car while I was doing this cleaning, so he didn't realize it was done.

When he got in the car this morning, he exclaimed, "Who stole my toys??"

Happy Birthday to Daddy

What Trevor likes about his dad

Cute, Cute, Cute

These are the months of the year video

Monday, March 06, 2006


When it was time for dinner, Trevor told us he wanted lunch, cried a little and basically refused to eat.

Daddy took the compromise route. Try it, he said, and if you still don't want to eat it, we'll talk. Trevor didn't want to talk though. He just left the table.

A few minutes later, Daddy and I heard things. Bangs and bumps. Scary noises, like our house is slowly but surely being destroyed by a 3 year old scary. I ignored the noises. It's a skill I've developed lately. Daddy put dinner on hold and went to investigate.

Daddy found Trevor upstairs with the telescopic pole we use for cleaning, light bulb changing, and most recently helium balloon retrieval. Trevor had also dragged his little stool and the papasan footstool up to Devin's room.

Daddy said to Trevor, "I'm afraid that I'm going to have to take that pole from you." And then he asked what he was doing with the pole.

Trevor told Daddy that he wanted his Candyland game (hours earlier, Trevor told me he wanted to play Candyland.) Then, Trevor took Daddy to Devin's closet, and he pointed to the top shelf. "There it is!" he said. Daddy got it down, and then Trevor noted, "Oh, you can reach it."

The thing about this that makes Trevor so clever is that Daddy just used the pole to retrieve a helium balloon several times yesterday. He's a little problem solver, just like his dad.

Oh, and dinner. He finally ate it, along with 2 cups of applesauce. Motts makes a Granny Smith Applesauce that tastes like Jolly Ranchers. Yum.

Long Time, no Blog

I haven't blogged a lot lately. I've been pre-occupied with work, and things that usually strike me as funny haven't been striking me as such. That's one reason. Another reason, I think, is that we're poopy training Trevor. I'm not sure he will appreciate my blogged thoughts on his poo when he's old enough to understand I'm blogging my thoughts on his poo. Something just seems mildly inappropriate about blogging poopy training. Maybe I'm just becoming conservative in my pre-middle age. Who knows?

But, he just said something that struck me as funny, and I have to share.

He doesn't really have to be reminded to go potty or poopy now. He's gotten really good at recognizing that "wiggly" feeling, and he gets to the bathroom about 100% of the time on time. After lunch, he ran to the bathroom. When he was done, he said, "I made Poop Balls!"

And, he did. Just like a little bunny. He was really proud of those poop balls.

While I'm blogging poo, I should add that I'm very proud of Trevor and his ability to go pee and poo on his own. When he pulls his own socks on, oh my! The pride is almost unbearable. Never again will he be able to do such simple things and make his mother's heart sing with pride. It's a pretty special time in his life, isn't it? Speaking of unbearable pride, Devin can drink from a straw now. It's another milestone.