Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I have a little bear that my Granny Agnes made for my sister, Sindy. Trevor thinks it's scary, but Devin seems to like it. Do you think it's scary?

In fact, he saw the bear on the steps tonight, and he threw it across the room and exclaimed, "TOO SCARY! TOO SCARY!"

Daddy just told me that after Trevor expressed his fear of this cute little piece of my childhood (although it was Sindy's bear, I always coveted it), he went upstairs to my bedroom. I have a bed doll that my mom made. It's a crocheted doll, yellow, very pretty. Trevor said that this dancing doll was scary. Then, he noticed Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy in the closet. He told Daddy that they were scary, too, and mentioned that he would just close the closet door.

Now Devin, he likes the scary little bear. He hugs it close and appears to love it alot. Devin is cute. I think I've mentioned that. Tonight, I was cleaning up after dinner (this is never a small feat, by the way.) Devin heard me turn on the little electric sweeper. He came running so fast one of his shoes fell off! He took the little broom from me and insisted on finishing the job. Well, he did his best, and the house got away from me a long time ago, so I'm very proud of his helpfulness.

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