Tuesday, January 31, 2006

the latest video


Sometimes, Trevor calls Devin, "Devvy." Sometimes, he calls him "Deviny". Sometimes, he just calls him Baby. Every now and then, he just calls him Babe. Mostly he's called Baby or Babe because Trevor is annoyed with Devvy.

Note to self

Trevor is traumatized by throwing food away. Don't throw food away in front of him.

We got McDonald's tonight, and I threw out Trevor's fries because I thought he was done eating. But, he saw me throw them out, tried to get them out of the trash, and then tried to follow the bag outside when I took that garbage out.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Devin is clingy

Who knows why? Maybe he's getting teeth, maybe it has something to do with all the extra poo he's been making and the extra redness of his bottom. Now that he's walking, clinginess means grabbing my leg, and holding on while I walk from room to room. Geez!

Too many pop tarts

I asked Trevor to get some underwear out of the top drawer in the dresser in his bedroom. He asked, "what pop-tart?" (top drawer, pop-tart...it's all the same to a 3 year old named Trevor...

Maybe this is obvious,

but I just realized it.

My boys really get along ok when they aren't competing for mine and John's attention. We went to the gym today, and the boys were in the Kids Klub for 2 hours. When I went to pick them up, they were playing TOGETHER. This doesn't happen at home...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

100th Post

In the car on the way home tonight, Trevor asked if we had a boat. We told him we had one before he was born, but we got rid of it. He asked if we would get it back after he was born. It was a little confusing.

We told him, though, that we wouldn't get another boat anytime soon. Instead, Daddy suggested that we might just go for a ride on Bill's boat this summer. Trevor said, "Vill's Boat?" Daddy said, "Yeah, Bill's Boat." Trevor said, "Yeah, Vill's Boat."

Daddy said, "Buh, Buh, Buh, Bill."

Trevor said, "yeah, "Vuh, Vuh, Vuh, Vill."

Sunday, January 22, 2006

He's so smart...

Trevor loves cars...hotwheels, matchbox, generic cars, anything with wheels.

That's the background. Here's the story.

Last night, Trevor met a new friend. We had gotten Trevor's new friend some Matchbox cars. The cars were opened right away, and when it was time for Trevor's new friend to go home, it was a bit of challenge to separate the friend's cars from Trevor's 298 cars. I was awfully proud of myself for finding 3 of 5, and Daddy found one more. But, unfortunately, Trevor's new friend went home with only 80% of the cars we'd given him.

Tonight, I found the car under the end table. I just thought it was one of Trevor's cars, so I gave it to him to play with at bedtime.

He kept asking me, who forgot this? Who forgot this? I had no idea what he was talking about, but when he gave the truck to Daddy and asked "who forgot this?" Daddy realized that the fifth car from the gift package.

Where's mommy?

Yesterday, Daddy took Trevor to Home Depot, and on the way home he fell asleep in the car. Daddy let him sleep in the car for a few minutes because I was going to take him with me to the grocery store. I took him to the grocery store with me, and he was asleep the whole time. When I got him out the car, he woke up or so I thought...

I was holding him as we walked to the store, and he said, "where's mom?" and I said, "here I am." He said it again, "where's my mommy?" I answered the same way. He asked again a couple of times, so I finally held him out in front me of me and said, "Here I AM! Look at me! Do you see me?" And he replied,

"Oh, there you are..."

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

But don't eat it!

Once, Trevor gave me some imaginary food, and I used my imagination to gobble it right up.

Another time, Trevor gave me an imaginary friend, and I got confused and used my imagination to gobble that right up, too.

Now, when Trevor gives me imaginary friends to hold, he always reminds me, "but don't eat it!"

This morning, he asked me if I want to play with his airplane. It's a real airplane. But, he still reminded me, "but don't eat it!"

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Potty Training Woes

Yesterday, I told Trevor that big boys got potty in the toilet and babies go potty in their diapers.

Then, I asked, do you want to be a baby or a big boy?

He answered that he wanted to be a baby.

Why do want to be a baby, I asked.

So that I can go potty in my diaper.

La, la, la!


Trevor watched Madagascar this weekend, so of course, he wants to watch it again a few hundred more times. Last night, he asked if he could go downstairs and watch Model Gas Car. It took me a few minutes to figure out what he was talking about...

Monday, January 16, 2006


Devin is in the middle of another asthma thing.

He was fine on Saturday, and I had no clue he would be ill on Sunday. Normally, when the boys get sick, they act puny for a day or two before. But, Devin woke up Sunday coughing and wheezing.

We gave him albuterol breathing treatments throughout the day, and I took him to the doctor this morning. The doctor wasn't terribly concerned about his current state, but she noted that the way this came on all of a sudden and that because it's been happening somewhat frequently, it's not just cold or allergies. She went ahead and diagnosed him with asthma.

Dr. Lotts told me that it's not a life sentence or anything like that. Because he's little, his airways are little. And, because he's little he gets a lot of colds. As he grows, he won't get as many colds and his airways will grow. If Trevor is any example, he will outgrow this asthma condition. I'm not sure Trevor is a perfect example. He would ge asthmatic only when he got a cold. I'm not sure Devin really has a cold. He's getting two more teeth, and it's making him slobber a lot. I think the slobbering makes him cough, there's pain, and now he has asthma. I think that he'll outgrow it, though.

She prescribed him albuterol as needed as well as pulmicort (an inhaled steroid) and singulair. I need to figure out how a steroid helps breathing and what singulair is. He'll be taking pulmicort twice a day and singular once a day. Poor Little Tyke.

Last time he was asthmatic, we took him to an acute care center. His heartrate was 177, and I thought that seemed pretty high. Today, I asked the doctor why I should give him a stimulant if his heartrate is already really high, and she told me that once he can breathe, his panic should go away, and his heartrate will decrease. It makes sense, but it's still a little scary to give a stimulant to a baby with a heartrate of 177!

That is a day in the life of Devin...

When he gets this way, his cheeks turn pink, and if I weren't worried about his breathing, I wouldn't be able to help thinking how asthma makes him too cute for words...

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Condor Career

I like to ask Trevor what he wants to be when he grows up. Daddy knew he wanted to be a computer guy when he was about 2, but I still don't know exactly what I want to do when I grow up. So, I think it only makes sense to start talking about career now.

Honestly, I think that both of my children will be engineers. But, nothing is set in stone yet. Devin may be a baseball player. He seems very athletic, and he seems to think walking is great fun, now that he has it mostly figured out. (Yep, I understand how naive I'm being. But, I still think they'll be engineers).

I try to steer Trevor into a stable career during these toddler-mommy talks. When he says he wants to be a race car driver, I add doctor at the end. All of the excitement of traveling the country, none of the wrecks. Plus, he'll be a doctor. He might also be a race car seat designer; a safety engineer, if you will. But, lately, he really just wants to be a giant condor so that he can give Diego (from Go, Diego, Go) a ride on his back.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Bacon, it's a recurring theme

Mommy's yellow racecar is in the shop this week. The A/C is getting fixed.

So, Daddy is taking me to work. Yesterday, when all my boys picked me up, Trevor said, "where's the bacon?"

Devin's Big December