Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This really happened...

...Devin wanted to make lunch for everyone the day. So, he did. He made turkey and cheese sandwiches. And, he wanted to make those sandwiches without any help from me. And, when it was time to eat, and he called Trevor over, Trevor said very sincerely, "oh, thank you, Devin. That is so nice."

And, at the next meal, Trevor declared that Devin should go on the food network. Well, Devin agreed with that. He thinks that some day he will go on Iron Chef. And, after that, he will be the Cake Boss. Now, that's on TLC, but I didn't correct him.

And, today, he was hungry, so he made himself another turkey and cheese sandwich. And, then he asked me if he could make Trevor the same thing.

And, all that really happened.

PS, today, Trevor learned how to ride his bike with my help. Devin has been riding his bike a lot, and he can take off and stop on his own. He also does turns where he leans into them and makes me afraid he will fall and scrape his legs. But, he doesn't. He's got good balance.

Monday, June 28, 2010


On our trip back to Oklahoma recently, we stopped at a Drury Inn in Columbus, Ohio. We got was was apparently their last room. That's what we guessed anyway, when we went in the room and discovered a conference table along with the king sized bed. On a side note, we're now too large a family of 4 to comfortably fit on one king sized bed.

The next morning, I took advantage of the conference table to hold a mock meeting. I brought to my mock meeting everything ridiculous about meetings I could think of. I went on too long, took off on tangents, etc.

Then, Trevor really surprised me by contributing his little gem to our meeting when he said, "Will there be donuts at this meeting?" and I was reminded of all the best meetings I had ever attended.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the Lollipop Posse

We went to Oklahoma last week to visit my family, and we had the opportunity to meet the new chief of police. Or, is that the new Police Department. I'm not sure. I tell you what, I liked him.

Vikki and I had taken the kids to the school park. When I was a kid, I'd never go play at the school park. If I wanted to go to a park, I'd walk to the town park or try to figure out how to get to Williams Park in Pawhuska. Back in the day, that was a cool park. It might still be the coolest park ever. The play set is huge, and there's no plastic is sight! Now, every park I know of is the coolest park ever with monster play sets that are brightly colored. Now, since every park is cool, none of them are special. So, I bet Williams Park is retro cool. If it still has that monster play set. I'm going there next time I go to Oklahoma. There and Woolaroc. Can't stop me.

I digressed.

So, after the school park (which is cool, but not special like Williams park if they still have that awesome playset) we walked home. We were walking along the highway because that's quicker. Our cousin saw us, so I think she beeped and hung out the window flapping her arms. I might be making that last part up. After the arm flapping, she parked her car, and got out so that she could visit.

We were a large group there by the highway with 3 adults, 1 teenager and 7 kids. And, the kids kept wandering off, so we were all spread out and looked even larger than we were.

He didn't flash his lights, but the police department did drive on over to make sure everything was OK. Logan was pretty excited to see him and immediately asked for a lollipop. That confused me, but I assumed there was some history there.

The Wynona Police Department is very safety conscious, so he said that he would meet us at our house instead of distributing lollipops on the highway. That would be crazy. And, he knew where our house was. And, honestly, that's pretty commendable. He's new to the area, and he already knows where my parents live. Most of our group was from out of town, but he knew where to find us. How about that?

So, he met us at my parent's house and everyone got a lollipop. Well, everyone under the age of 13 got a lollipop. And as he was getting ready to leave, a local drove up the street on his lawn mower. It was dusk, and the lawn mower didn't have any headlights. So, the lollipop posse commented on that, and then drove himself off into the sunset. The lawn mower guy didn't get a ticket or anything. I think he was joking about that.

Sunday, June 06, 2010


Trevor has strep throat. I'm pretty sure he picked it up on school Tuesday or Wednesday. Blech!

His school had a camp out Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of last week. Trevor actually slept over Thursday night, and when he got home on Friday, his teacher told me that Trevor had a sore throat, she mentioned it might be strep, and sent him on his way.

(Did you see how nonchalant I wrote about that sleepover at a camp out in the woods I had never seen? That's how nonchalant I was in real life, too!)

I took Trevor to the doctor on Saturday morning. I realized that waiting and seeing probably was just prolonging the pain for no good reason since this struck so suddenly. The doctor told us to avoid sharing food with Trevor and that he should change his toothbrush in three days to avoid infecting himself.

So, since then, if we offer Trevor some of our food, say a french fry that we haven't bitten, his first inclination is to refuse since that would be sharing food.

And, he keeps telling me that we should change his toothbrush since he's been sick for three days. He's really taking charge of his own health!

As far as the rest of us, I don't know. John and I both had scratchy throats from thinking about it on Saturday, and Devin acted puny from 7:30 until bedtime tonight. I guess we'll just see.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Recent Photos

John took these pictures of Devin. I don't know how he knew how personalityicious Devin was gonna be, but he sure did:

We got new deck furniture and a sunsetter retractable awning so that we could actually enjoy it. (It gets super hot back there during the day)

The school asked for a photo of Devin, so I told John, "get the angel filter and go take a picture of Devin!" This is one he snapped using the angel filter.

Here's another:

(Sorry it's sideways).
I cut his hair the other day. Just a trim. He cried and cried and cried because his bangs weren't in his eyes any longer.

Here's Trevor READING!

John took the boys up Mt. Nittany the other day:

View from the top with the State College Area Hot Air Balloon floating by.

Note what Trevor is carrying. He brought reading material on his hike up Mt. Nittany!

he's reading his reading material!!

Here they are on the way down.

My nemeses.

my neighbor accidentally moved some sparrow eggs in one of her birdhouses. They started to hatch in her garage.

Helium balloons...sad children. Everything is as it was and always will be.

That's enough for now. Gotta get back to work!

you can see the rest for yourself here.