Monday, July 25, 2005

Devin is awfully cute, too.

He doesn't say the darndest things, yet, but he often does the darndest things! Just now, he crawled into the kitchen, opened one of the cabinets that doesn't have a kid lock, got out a bowl with a handle, and started crawling out of the kitchen. Bang, scrape, bang, scrape, bang, scrape, bang, scrape. (I probably should have gone to get him after the first bang, scrape, but what the heck?)

He makes me laugh.

Little Devin can pull himself easily now, so we moved his crib mattress down a level. That has not stopped him from standing up at night, or when he's done with his naps. He stands at the end of the bed, though, rather than the side. This way, he can yell at us out the door.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

I'm a what?

This morning, Trevor said, I'm a (insert gobbledygook here). I said "you're a what?" He repeated himself.

Then, I finally understood. His Huge Grin helped. "I'm excited!"

OH, lightbulb moment for Mommy!

"What are you excited about?" I asked

"I'm excited about going to MOTOROLA!" he replied.

Then we talked about seeing his friend Anthony. Anthony was "cwimbing" yesterday "with his feet."


Friday, July 15, 2005

Good Daddy

I brought home McDonald's the other day, and I asked Daddy to help me carry it in. When he walked in with the Happy Meals, Trevor said, "you're a good daddy!"

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Maybe someday, you will tell us what you meant...

Trevor used to call horses "Feels". Maybe someday, he will tell us why.

Last night, he looked for his "Pluto" (or "Pwuto") in the refrigerator, then requested his Pluto before he went to sleep. He was a little desperate. He woke up this morning asking for his Pluto, too. We don't quite know what a Pluto is. We thought it might be a little toy we got from McDonald's. Eventually, he seemed content with that. But, I don't think that's what he really wanted. So, maybe someday, we'll find out what "Pluto" was.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Sharing is not easy...

Trevor has a great imagination. He'll drink tea dispensed from my teapot (thumb) in his imaginary cup. Sometimes it's hot chocolate, other times it's coffee.

The other day in the car, he was asking about the teletubbies. "Where's Lala?" he asked. So, we pretended Lala was in our pockets, and we handed the imaginary toys to Trevor. We got through Po, Dipsy, and Tinky Winky, too. Then, I offered an imaginary toy teletubbie to Devin. Trevor objected, "NOOO!"

You know that sharing isn't easy when a kid can't even share an imaginary toy.

Air Conditioner

We have a portable air cleaner in the kitchen. Trevor calls it the air conditioner. Its exhaust creates a pleasant little breeze.

Lately, Trevor has decided that he can use the "air conditioner" to "wash his hands" and other things that get dirty. Maybe this is from hand air dryers in public restrooms. I'm pretty sure it's not something he learned at daycare. Guess we'll never know.

Independence Day

I just remembered...Trevor said the fireworks were "loudly."


Trevor pushed away his water and told me he didn't want it anymore. I asked, "why?"

He replied, "simply because I don't."

I don't even think daycare taught him this.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Where is it?

Last night, Trevor farted. Then he said, "where'd my fart go?"

I'm pretty sure that's what he said. I could have heard him wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's what he said.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Trevor has really become very bossy lately. I think it's probably a problem, and I need to start correcting this behavior. This morning, he came into the bathroom as I was drying off from my shower. "Dry your feet!" he commanded. I wasn't sure that's what I heard, so I asked him to repeat himself. He said it again, "dry your feet!"

He was walking around in a tank top and a diaper after my shower. This was a problem for him. "I need pants," he told me about 8 times. But, then he remembered he had some toy cars. He asked where those were, I told him, and the overwhelming need for pants dissipated.

He's also the safety police when we drive. More than once, he's commanded his dad and me to "drive with both hands!"


We went to fireworks displays in three different towns over the Holiday Weekend. Trevor covered his eyes and had his daddy cover his ears in the first place. He took his sunglasses next day, and he stayed awake for most of the show at the last show (definitely the best of the three shows).

After the last display, we were stuck in the parking lot for about 20 minutes. To the east of us, folks by the lake were shooting off pretty good quality fireworks. Every time one went off, Trevor said, "oh, it's starting!" He said this about 28 times, and then fell asleep in the car once we started driving.

Devin did very well at these shows, too. He had a great time crawling around on the blanket and fell asleep during the first two shows. At the last show, though, he fell asleep about 45 minutes before the show, and then woke up. He watched the entire display with great interest and a little squirming.

Friday, July 01, 2005


I picked up Trevor from daycare today. On the way home, we passed by a Holiday Inn Express. He said to me, "that's a hotel." And I replied, "Trevor, you are a very smart boy." He replied back, "You are a very smart girl (pronounced giwrl)."

Then he started talking about Arkansas. We'd gone to Arkansas in early May to visit his Aunt Vikki and her kids. We stayed in a Holiday Inn Express there. So, he told me that Arkansas was very far away.

So, we continued on our way home, and I asked him about his day. I may have misunderstood, but I thought he said something like, and "then you picked me up, and then you pushed me down!" This is not the first time Trevor said I did something that I never did, so I exclaimed that I did not push him down. He insisted, "then you pushed me down" two more times, with me insisting it wasn't true! Finally, he said, "No, Daniel (pronounced den-you) pushed me down!" I guess Daniel wasn't playing too nicely at daycare.


Trevor was walking around naked, getting ready to take a bath. I thought he was saying, "It's pretty wet here," which I thought meant he had pee'd on the floor. He was actually saying, "I have pretty red hair." And he does.

Early and Mid June 2005

We got some Mr. Bubble for Trevor, and he enjoyed a nice kid friendly bubble bath (except for hair and face washing).

After he was done, we asked "where are the bubbles going, Trevor?"

He replied, "They are going to see Uncle William."

We don't know why he would say such a thing, but he's said it more than once. And, we think he means his Aunt Vikki's husband, not my brother.