Friday, December 30, 2005

Trevor's Birthday

So, my digital camera takes video, and Google will host video. See if these clinks work for you. When you're done, click back to get back to the blog.

Happy Birthday to Trevor!

Tantrum :(

Trevor opens a Present!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Up the stairs, down the stairs...Stories of Multi-Level Living

Monday morning, Devin woke me up about 5:45 AM. I got up to check on him, but before I could get out of our room, I tried to find Trevor. He'd gone to sleep by my side of the bed, but at 5:45 in the morning, I could not find him.

So, I made a detour at Devin's room. Instead of going in to check on him, I went down the stairs, quite literally. I fell pretty hard on my backside, smacked the wall and grabbed the railing. My arms are sore, and I'm a little bruised!

Daddy came running out of the bedroom, and I told him "I'm OK! I just fell! Where's Trevor? I can't find Trevor!" Daddy said, "he's in our room." pretty calmly. I had already looked there, so I was sure he was wrong. I continued to the basement, did a quick search of the main floor, and then double checked our room. He was still asleep on the floor on my side of the bed.


We went to a bowling alley today. We didn't know that it was bowling alley until we went inside. It's called esKape Entertainment Center. I don't know how we were supposed to know it was a bowling alley. Trevor wanted to bowl. But, Daddy told him that he's not really old enough. Neither Daddy nor I could really fathom how the four of us could bowl. So, we left with a howling Trevor. Devin was just happy to be Devin.

We went on our way, and along the way, I asked Trevor how old he is going to be tomorrow. He told me...

...old enough to bowl.

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Devin's Language Acqusition Progress

OK, to recap, Devin's first word was Yay, Yay, and it normally accompanied by clapping. About the same time, he started saying Uh-Oh.

He does not say Yay, Yay any more. He'll clap sometimes, though.

He still says uh-oh.

In the past week, he has added:
Dada (also DA!!)
Bye-Bye (which is accompanied with a wave of the hand.)

He's always made these noises, but they were babbling. Now, he seems to be calling me Mama, and calling Daddy Dada (or DA!!) and saying Bye-Bye when he leaves, or when I'm leaving him.

Did I mention that Devin's big claim to fame is that he gets cuter every day? Every minute probably. I suppose I'm partial. He woke up with a HUGE booger on his forehead, and I couldn't help but think it was the cutest thing ever.

Saturday, December 17, 2005


Daddy needed a new hard drive, so we planned a trip to CDW. Trevor wanted to go to the local mall, and he was getting a little upset that we weren't heading that way. So, I told him, here's the plan, "we're going to go to CDW, and then we might get some lunch, and then after that, we'll just see where the day takes us." A few minutes later, he says back to me, "So, here's the plan, mommy..."

He basically repeated everything I said. Except...

Instead of CDW, he said we would be going to DVDW.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Houston is huge...

Texas is huge...

Traffic in Houston is huge...

Why are the parking spaces so small?

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Kaizen Houston

No Trevor or Devin story tonight. I'm in Houston, and Daddy is home with the boys. I don't get to talk long to Daddy because they boys are being fed, they want to stop being fed, or one or both are poopy. But, Daddy seems to be handling it just fine. I'm very proud of him.

We're in Houston for Kaizen training. We being me and 11 other Cardinal employees from different business units. Kaizen is a Japanese word that I think means something like continuous improvement. After this training, I think that I will be a Kaizen master, and I may be expected to lead 4 Kaizen events per year and save the company $50K with each event. It ought to be interesting if they really expect this of me.

Being a Japanese thing that I'm studying and being in Houston, it was fitting that I chose a Japanese restaurant tonight with a Mexican Sushi chef.

It was really good sushi, too. Much better than Dominick's makes...

Sunday, December 04, 2005


Trevor's new word.

I guess I've got to watch my mouth!

He said it while we were in Wynona at the school park, and he said it again today at Target. I asked him where he heard it, and he told me that I said it at the Wynona School Park. I guess it's true. Once he said "Dammy-it" I told Daddy and Vikki that Trevor just said "Dammy-it." So, I guess I did say "Dammy-it," but Trevor said it first.

Tired Trevor

When I got home from work of Friday, Trevor was asleep on the couch. He woke up pretty quickly, though. We were watching Super-size Me, the documentary about the man who eats at McDonald's every day every meal for 30 days and whose health deteroriates significantly.

This was so confusing to Trevor. He wanted to go eat at McDonald's, but he seemed to sense that wasn't what the show was really about.

I made dinner at home, and we all sat down to eat. Trevor ate a few bites of his food, and then said, "I'm too tired to eat." He got down and came over to me and said, "Can I go to bed?" It was about an hour before bedtime. I got him ready for bed, tucked him in, and said goodnight. This never, never, never happens. Bedtime without a fight rarely happens. Going to bed all on his own was downright incredible!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Snow Plow

Tonight, we have enough snow on the ground for the plows to make it out to our neighborhood. Trevor is a big fan of big trucks, so I told Trevor to come and look, fast, fast, fast!

About the truck, he said, "it has thunder, and it has lightning."

The thunder was because it was loud. The lightning was either sparks on the road, or the warning flashing light.

We think Trevor is clever, clever, clever...


Christmas is an exciting time, and the beginning of the season at our house is when the tree goes up. When Trevor and Devin can put the tree up and hang the lights, that will be such a joyous time. But, for now, with all the excitement and the boxes, it's a little stressful for the parents and a little overstimulating for the kids. That overstimulation leads to bad behavior...jumping on the couch, throwing decorations, stuff like that. Of course, that leads to time-outs.

Tonight, he got two time-outs. For the second one, he jumped on the couch for the 80th time, and I told him he may as well get on his time-out stool. Daddy pointed to the stool and said, "go on. Go." To my surprise, he got on the stool.

After getting he situated, he said, "This is really not working for me." I asked, "why?" He responded, "it's just old." I asked, "well, what will work for you now?"

"A blue airplane," he answered.