Monday, October 26, 2009

You Tube Videos

Youtube videos

let me know if this doesn't work. It's all the videos I've uploaded lately. Click the HD button to see a clearer picture.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another one!

it may be horrible! I haven't even watched it all the way through.


It's not edited. It's not even precious. But, here it is:

More summer pictures

Early Summer 2009 pictures

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I'm moving out right after my party

Devin was upset earlier. Trevor has no patience for Devin's tears. And, he doesn't cry a lot. But, when he does, Trevor is apt to cry himself, yell, or try to reason with him. I don't know, but it sounds familiar. I think I do the same thing.

Tonight when Devin was upset, Trevor made this solemn threat to the one who calls him his best brother.

"If you keep crying at every little thing, Devin, I am going to move out as soon as I'm old enough. Right after my party."

"If you stop crying, though, maybe I'll stay a couple of more years."

This is from the kid who plans on going to Penn State so he can be close to home, and who plans on living in the neighborhood when he's all grown up. This, of course, totally works for me. I think.

I love it when...

...the kids run through the house playing a game to accompany a story that they are making up as they go. It's improvisation.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hershey park, labor day weekend

Devin misses his brother.

The day couldn't have been any funner!

See who Trevor is sitting next to?

It's not Devin. Devin saved his a seat.

And this is how he was the entire ride. Looking towards Trevor, wondering why he wasn't in the seat he saved for him.

Trevor must have felt the intense stare and closed his eyes to it.

Rides are just more fun when you ride them together!

The Hershey Factory

The park

the crowds

The Mom

That bear he's holding is the one that John and I won together in the Big, Huge, Crain Game!

Devin strikes back for Trevor's decision to not sit next to him on the Frog Hopper.

These rides mildly freak me out. And, I think I'm just done with Ferris Wheels. Too scary.

Where he is now.

Where he hopes to be next year.

Where he is now.

Where he hopes to be next year.

Chocolate World

Climbing an unclimbable tree

(His shirt says "Future President.")

Trevor's first day of school 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

He looks like me.

This may just be easier

Summer and Fall 2009

Here's the 800+ photos. They're not completely uploaded as of yet.

Also, Memaw, there are some fancy dresses in this album. Jena would like it if you could make those for her. 'mkay?

Photo Backlog

So, I've been on facebook. I think I must have a certain amount of time to dedicate to things computer-ish, and being on facebook keeps me from the blog. But, it's been good to reconnect with old friends. And cousins! I'm such a bad cousin.


In addition to being a blogger slacker, I've been having computer issues. It all started this summer when my hard drive crashed. Unfortunately, it was my work computer, and work got me up and running, but it was slow. That was no good. And, I lost my connection to the drive where we keep our pics. And, then John upgraded to the latest version of Windows, and we lost our online picture database. So, now we have to use a different online picture database. We're choosing


As with life, photos has a learning curve. Plus, I was still having issues with my computer until this week. But, now. I think I am good. I think I can start posting photos again. But, I have a backlog. So, if you look out your window and see snow, like I see snow out my window right now on October 17th, and then look here and see a picture of Trevor on his first day of school and feel a little weepy for the passing of summer into winter with only a fleeting taste of fall, I apologize. Technology can make you cry...

On with it...

We went to Florida in August. We drove to Ocala from here all in one day! We spent some time with our dear Grandma Roth.

She's just as pretty as a summer day. Tell her I said so.

Here, John helps Aunt Louise with her new phone.

I love Devin's blue gray eyes. He's a handsome devil.

Sometimes, Trevor takes a picture that doesn't look much like Trevor. This is one of those. Silly. But, his eyes! I love his HUGE blue eyes.

After Ocala, we went to Disney World with Vikki and her family. Awesome. Disney is always more fun with family and friends. What wasn't fun, though, was waiting. And, waiting is part of the Disney Experience. While we waited, we made the kids make faces, then we took their pictures:


Trevor and his tonsils




That's it for now. It's going to take a few hours to upload all 810 pics, so I had better just go find something else to do.

Check back soon for First Day of School photos, Snow Day photos, and of course, pictures from Devin's 5th Birthday.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Infinity +1

Devin asked us today how old we would be when he is infinity.

John promptly answered, "Infinity +1." That's Devin's favorite number.

Trevor promptly told Devin it didn't matter because he would never be infinity.

I asked Devin to explain how he could be infinity. Devin explained that you can keep having birthdays after you're dead. That's how you get to be infinity. It's just that the birthday parties aren't as much fun after you're dead. Because you turn to dirt. That last part was Trevor's contribution.

Later in the evening, Trevor asked if I would remember him until my brain stopped working. I promised I would.