Friday, October 28, 2005

It's my blog, and I'll post what I want to...

Two nights ago, Devin ate a cookie, a banana, a whole cup of pasta and probably 1/2 cup of milk. He's not normally such a good eater...

The cookie was interesting. Daddy had given Trevor a cookie, and he was holding Devin while eating a cookie himself. I got home from work, and I took Devin from Daddy. He said something about Devin wanting a cookie and just then, Devin made it known that he did, in fact, want a cookie. When I took him from Daddy, he looked at the cookie and really let me know he was frustrated. I immediately got him his own cookie. Now, normally, he spills a lot on the floor. There were no cookie crumbs on the floor, though.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Trevor's tummy

This is a letter to the future Trevor:

One day in a store, you told me that you wanted some snacks, but then you mentioned your tummy would get big if you ate too many, and we didn't get those snacks. I thought you probably got this idea in daycare. I decided I would use this idea to help you understand why sometimes, it's not good to eat two cookies, or 4 pieces of candy. Sometimes, I even use this idea to explain you need to have some water instead of milk to drink. You love milk right now.

But, there are times when you eat dinner, and then you ask, "Is my tummy not big?" I say back to you that your tummy is just right. But, then you ask, "is my tummy small?" and I try to answer back that your tummy is just right. But, you seem to want me to say that your tummy is small, so I tell you that your tummy is small, which it is. And, that is just right.

I really want you to make healthy choices about food so that you grow up big and strong and healthy! I don't care how big or small your tummy is. I'm really just trying to be a good mommy and teach you how to make good choices. I hope I'm getting it right with this big tummy/small tummy thing.

Lots of love,


Last night, we had pasta with marinara. After Trevor ate ALL of his pasta, he said to me. "More Pasta, more milk." I said, OK. I got him more pasta. Then, he told me, "Put it in the refrigerator for later." He says this of all of his leftovers, no matter what they are. But, this is the first time he's requested food so that he would have something in the refrigerator for later!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Concussion maker

If Devin never goes to the ER with a concussion, it will be a miracle. Last night, Trevor pushed him over twice. Both times, although his butt was on the area rug, he landed so the back of his head hit the hardwood floor. After the first time, I gave Trevor a time out. After, I told him that if Devin is frustrating him, he needs to tell me to "get Devin," and I will come and get Devin out of the way.

After that, if Devin was on the floor, Trevor said, "Mommy, Get Devin!!" I wasn't quick enough one time, so Trevor pushed him a second time. He got another time out. Daddy thinks my idea of Trevor telling mommy to get Devin is below average and unworkable. We haven't got another solution at this point, though...

New friend

New neighbors moved in next door yesterday. They have a 2 year old who's just a little younger than Trevor. When I drove up, he and his new friend were happily playing in the leaves in the front yard. When I got out of the car, Trevor ran up and said, "Hi Mommy!" I asked if he found a new friend, and he said "yeah!" enthusiastically. I said "what's his name?" He said (just as enthusiastically) "I don't know!" Then he suggested (again with the enthusiasm) "I guess we should go find out!" Funny, funny, funny.

Thrifty Trevor

Trevor is a very thrify boy. Lately, when he's done eating, but food is left on his plate, he asks us to put the leftovers in the refrigerator "for later." We put away some pasta last night "for later," and unfortunately, this morning, I knocked the bowl out of the fridge and it broke. Trevor cried, "I want my pasta!" He got out of his chair and started coming my way. I think his intention was to come over and get his pasta!

If I try to throw out the last few bites of his meal, he throws a fit. "Put it in the refrigerator for later!" he insists. Sometimes, I have to sneak the garbage into the trash!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Happy Birthday Devin


Happy 1 year old...

What? Is this for eating? I'm in my eating chair...

AAAACCCCHHHHH! (This is the animal basketball game from Granma and Granpa Roth...perfect gift for our budding athlete!)

Cutest baby, ever!

QUIT DISTRACTING MY BABY (said Daddy to Mommy)

The truth of Devin's Birthday...

AH! The perfect gift for Trevor!

Cake? I don't want no stinking cake!

Poor little tyke is tired!

Trevor likes cake, and if Devin's shirt is going to be off, so is his!

Seriously, he's tired...

(actually, he had gotten a little cough the day before, he was a little wheezy when this picture was taken, and he got worse throughout the night. I took him to the doctor first thing the next day with some serious asthma!)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Doo Thing

Trevor has a Doo thing. It can be a stick, some legos put together in a row, or his finger. He points his doo thing at you and says, "doo, doo, doo, doo" sorta like a futuristic type gun. Devin has a doo thing, too. Here it is:

Monday, October 10, 2005

Yay, yay Part II

This is Devin's reaction to me saying "yay, yay!"

Higglytown Heroes

Trevor gets all of his best ideas from the Higglytown Heroes (from the Disney Channel). They play two episodes a day, and he insists on watching both episodes most days. Sometimes, he wants to watch them more than once, but we've learned to say no. Too much TV can't be good for Little Trevor. Anyway, they have an episode where the Higgly kids jump in leaves. Yesterday, Trevor asked me if it was Leaf Day. So, I raked what I could into a pile, and we've had great fun (except for Devin) jumping in the leaves. Here are some pictures.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Devin is starting to act like he can and will hold his bottle. Daycare told us yesterday that he held his bottle, and we saw him do it once last night and once today. He turns one in just a few days, and he'll be losing the bottle soon after that. For a moment this morning as he held his bottle, I thought, he can keep it awhile. But, I don't really think so. He's moving on to the sippy cup. He's a much more compliant baby than Trevor ever was when it comes to these milestone. He's even been pacifier free since August.

Monday, October 03, 2005


On Saturday, I was singing Clementine to Devin. It made Trevor sad. He pouted, cried a little bit, and he told me was sad. So, I stopped singing. Later that day, he was singing it himself, but he mixed it up a little singing,
Oh my darlin'
Everything's gonna be all right
Oh my darlin'
Everything's gonna be all right.

Then he somehow started singing about Devin to the tune of Clementine. I had not learned my lesson apparently, because I started singing the correct words to Clementine except that I substituted Devin's name for Clementine's. It went something like this:
Oh my darlin, oh my darlin, oh my darlin Devin James
You are lost and gone forever
Oh my darlin Devin James

Even though Devin was sitting in plain sight, Trevor was inconsolable at the thought of Devin being lost and gone forever...