Thursday, September 29, 2005

Seems Like...

Trevor has lately been saying things like, "what seems to be the problem here?" And, "It seems like it's raining outside."

He's really a brilliant little mockingbird.

Last night, he was wearing his fireman hat and said, "what seems to be the problem here?" I was a little confused, but daddy set me straight by saying, "oh, no that chair is on fire!" Fireman Trevor put out the fire and asked again, "what seems to be the problem here?" I told him the papasan chair was on fire, and he said "no, it's not." I told him Daddy's feet were on fire, but he didn't believe that either.

Anyway, Trevor was a Higglytown Hero for putting out that first little pretend fire.

Oh, speaking of pretend...I tried to get him to go back to sleep last night by offering him a pretend didn't work. He said, "no, mommy piggy, not a pretend snack." Brilliant, brilliant boy. that spelled right?

The boys


Pictures of the Boys


I don't know why, but lately, Trevor, Daddy and I have all become animals. A lot of the time, we're parrots (Mommy Parrot, Trevor Parrot, Daddy Parrot) last night, Daddy was Daddy Dinosaur once. Piggy was just recently added. I don't like being Mommy Piggy, but I have no choice. I think he even called me mommy Piggy in his sleep last night. Sleepy Baby Piggy needed a snack or a drink, and mommy Piggy needed to get it for him.

I don't know where this comes from. He's probably just a young creative genius.

Yay, Yay

Devin is still clapping, but now, I only have to say, "Yay, Yay" and he starts clapping and saying "yay, yay." I would venture so far to say that "yay" is his first word. His second word is uh-oh. He says that a lot, especially if we say it first.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Clouds come in all shapes and sizes

Trevor was pointing out could shapes the other day. There was a car shaped cloud, a donut-shaped bridge shaped cloud, and my favorite...

the cloud that was shaped like a wine bottle!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Clapping Hands

Devin has started clapping his hands. For awhile, I thought he was clapping on command, but I realized last night that it's really me clapping on command. He claps, I clap back, he claps again. Who's teaching who? Devin is teaching mommy.

I have an idea

We were going out and about yesterday, and my plan was for us to stop at Culver's for lunch. When Trevor asked where we were going, we told him that we were going to Culver's for lunch. He didn't want to do that. So, he said, "I have an idea. Let's go...

...someplace else!

Now, here we go tricky. Daddy was the trickiest. I can't remember exactly what he said, but he got Trevor to say, "I have an idea...let's go to Culver's for lunch." Daddy is a tricky, clever daddy.


Trevor has taken to calling himself Shark lately. In third person.

"Mommy, Shark needs a drink."

"Mommy, Shark doesn't want to go potty."

Or, Rooster.

Knock, Knock, Knock. "Rooster is cold." Knock, Knock, Knock. He was knocking, and I just wasn't letting him in.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Little Man

Last night at dinner as we were walking into the restaurant, I said to Trevor, "Come on, Little Man!"

He responded something like, "Let's go, big Man!" I mumbled something about "Big Woman" and decided to just let it go...

Great and Son, Moon and Stars

Sometimes, I ask Trevor, "How much do you love me?" He always answers, "Great!" Similarly, if I ask him, "Do you know how much I love you?" he answers, "Great!"

I also like to tell him that I like having him as my son. He always calls me the Moon, then. The other day, we decided Daddy is the Stars. Devin is our other son, of course.

Of course you can

"Can I have a drink of your milk?" I ask.

"Of course you can," Trevor responds. He's all grown up...

We went to dinner last night, and we had talked about going to Target after to get Trevor a new car. We decided it was just too late, so we went home instead. On the way home, he was pretty upset. We kept saying that he might be able to get that car tomorrow, and he would say, "But, I want a new car!" Finally, he said, "I want Granma and Granpa!" This really happened. Not making it up for the relatives in far away places. Then I asked if Memaw and Papa would work since they're coming for a visit soon. He said they would work. But, then he said he didn't want Granma and Granpa and Memaw and Papa to come to his house for a visit. Then, the conversation turned back to riding on little birds, and how it hurts them so it's not a very good idea. Ostriches and Emu were OK to ride on. Ducks, maybe...

Then, the car was forgotten.

I haven't talked to his dad, yet today though. I'm betting he ended up getting that new car.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Well, lately Trevor has been answering, "of course" instead of "yes". I ask, can I have a bite of your pop-tart, he answers, "of course." I only wish that when I ask that he never hits at or sits on Devin again, he would answer "of course" and mean it. He's a bit of a stinker when it comes to being nice to little Devin.

Devin an Trevor seemed are "communicating" lately. Devin says "AHHHHHAHHHH" and Trevor says, "AHHHHHHAHHHHH." Devin squeals, Trevor squeals. Sometimes, mommy and daddy squeal or growls, too. It's fun.

Trevor has been falling asleep on our bedroom floor, then I carry him to bed when I go to bed. He always ends up back on our bedroom floor, though. He usually tries to remember to bring a blanket with him when he makes the return trip. Yesterday, I threw a bunch of clothes on his bedroom floor, and I haven't put them away yet. So, last night, on his return trip, instead of a blanket, he brought one sock, one pair of Devin's pants, a big shirt and a towel. He makes me laugh.

One last story...

We went shopping on Sunday. Devin was riding in the basket, a happy baby for the most part. When I passed by a bin of apples, he must have noticed how easy it would be to reach out and grab one. So, he did. I took it away before he got a bite, but I hope the eventual owner of that apple washes it well. It made it to his mouth. Oh, I also gave him a sample of a "Two-Bite Brownie". (I had one was yummy). I gave him that sample, and then continued to shop without paying too much attention to him (he was buckled in). When I looked at him a couple of minutes later, one bite of that two-bite brownie was eaten, and the other bite was on his mouth, hands, shirt, and the little seat in which he was sitting.

Devin has become an incredibly happy baby. He smiles very easily. He's beautiful when he smiles! He's beautiful all the time, of course, but when he smiles, he's irresistable. His hair is strawberry blonde, emphasis on blonde. And, he's got just a little curl. He hates baths, loves bananas, and refuses to hold a bottle. He's 11 months old; he's never going to hold a bottle. I think it's his way of refusing my desire for him to be independent. He'll feed himself; he goes to sleep at bedtime; he's not going to hold his bottle. He just needs for me to accept that.