Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our new puppy

is here!

I think we're going to call him Boots. He's all white, so there's no physical reason to call him Boots. We're just naming him after our cat, Socks. My mom always calls her Boots.

See how that works?

He's a boy. A Havanese. Cute as a button!

I will post pictures soon. So far, he seems to love Trevor best.

Friday, February 27, 2009


Again, we were in the car having one of our most interesting, but not very profound, conversations. It was about nicknames. Lately, we've been talking about what it means to be a teenager. Namely, that your age has the sound "teen" in it. And, today we also talked about "tweens." Trevor said that the word "tween" sounds like "twit." I begged to differ and reminded him never to call anyone a twit. He said it would be OK if it were their nickname. For example, he said, if his nickname were Stinky, it would be OK if people called him Stinky. I said I hoped his nickname is never Stinky.

Then, he went to list his current nicknames...


He also noted that Trevor and Devin share those last two nicknames...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Disney Pictures

This picture is showing up in my search for pictures taken in January 2009:

Man, I wish it were summer now...

Magic Kingdom

The Pooh Ride. Those are Honey Pots we're sitting in.

Devin decided early on that he didn't want his picture taken. Therefore, I have lots of pictures of the back of his head.

He tried so hard to keep his lips dry through the whole face painting experience. And at the end, he wiped his wet (black) lips one last time.

We have 6 pictures like this where Devin is looking at something besides the camera.

A Giraffe in Animal Kingdom

That elephant on the ground was having a dream where he was running. He was kicking his legs. I think it was a bad dream!

These bad boys scare me.

They're pink from all the shrimp they eat!


he got his very own official mouse ears. I wonder where they are now.

Trevor on Big Thunder Railroad.

This never happens. We were the first ones to see Chip and Dale. Also, all 4 kids are looking at the camera. The same camera!

Here's what I don't like about Honey, I shrunk the audience at Epcot. First, the sign said there was no wait, and that was a lie. We waited like 20 minutes. Second, when we finally did see something, it was a darned KODAK Commercial. I do like this picture of Trevor, though, with his 3-D glasses and bulldog face.

This one of Devin is pretty cute, too.

Record Cold!

Trevor bought a blue power ranger later and wanted to track down the blue power ranger so he could show him how much he liked him. Also, he wanted him to sign the box. That didn't happen...

See, he didn't want his picture taken.

I love Mr. Potatohead.

Aren't they cute?

Aren't we cute?

I like extreme close-ups. Doesn't he look cold? Poor thing...

I had to trick him in that last one.

Here's a funny story. We had to wait about 45 minutes to get on this boat. It was late because of the fog. We had a captain in training. Our visibility was about 3 feet. We nearly hit 2 islands and a dock...

But, we did get this magical picture of the castle.

He captured this dinosaur and then they became best friends!

Sheep petting.

That's it!

Keep reading! I did 2 other posts today...

I never blog about my cat

I know I never blog about my cat. I've been so remiss. Or, maybe I've only just become a crazy cat lady...

I'm pretty sure that in a previous life (if you believe in that sort of thing), Socks died of starvation. I leave her food out all the time, so if ever she's hungry, she can just help herself. And, she's only just a little overweight. Just a little.

When her food bowl needs attention, she makes it very obvious. She finds me or John, meows at us and heads into the room where her bowl is kept. If we don't follow her, she repeats this process quite insistently until we do. And, when we do, we never ever find an empty bowl. Instead, we find a bowl where you can see the bottom of one side. The second side of this two sided bowl is still quite full of food. But, the side she likes to eat from, if you look closely, you can see bits of the bottom of the bowl.

And, that's the story of how I feed my cat.

The End.

Also, she likes to sit on my desk while I work and bite me if I work too hard.

Keep reading. I've made two entries today so far.

He's not designed for that...

Devin was in bed with us this morning. I was laying beside him and took the opportunity to hug him. He said, "UGH! I'm not designed for hugs like that!" I asked him what kind of hugs he was designed for, and he told me I needed to be standing up.

Then, I kissed his forehead about 8 times, and he said, "UGH! I'm not designed for that many kisses! Just one kiss a day!" So, I kissed his forehead one more time. And, he told me that I'd already exceeded his kiss limit for the day.

Then, John leaned into him. And, he said, "UGH! I'm not designed to be squished like that!" So, John stopped squishing him.

He's not all about the prickly-ness, though. Yesterday was his dad's birthday. I mentioned this to him and told him he should tell him Happy Birthday. Then, I asked what he wanted to get his dad for his birthday. And, he said A CHAINSAW! Ok, maybe he is all prickly-ness.

Later in the day he went mountaineering with his friend who is old enough to be his grandmother. Apparently, there were some bushes in the way and apparently a chainsaw would have come in handy. So, at dinner, Devin scolded me mightily for not really getting Daddy a chainsaw for his birthday. Devin would have used it that day if only he had one!

Want to know what I made John for dinner? It was the best dinner I ever made except John would have rather had stuffed shells. I made an appetizer course (yes a course!) with bacon wrapped scallops and a warm spinach salad. For our entree, we had seared tuna with a sauce made of soy sauce, sesame oil, honey and rice wine vinegar along with rice and baby carrots. They boys had salmon with the same sauce. Dessert was a $20 Fruit Tart from Wegmans. We ate the whole thing! Yummy! Happy Birthday to John!!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Happy Birthday, Trevor!

lookit! I'm blogging Trevor's most recent birthday!

We had Trevor's birthday at Fun Unleashed this year. A good time was had by all. No tears, no muss, no fuss. It is the way to go!

Do you remember when I told you about how Trevor once told me he'd never tried Root Beer, he'd only tried Real Beer? Well, Fun Unleashed is the place where they served him that real beer (which was really Mug Root Beer, I hope you recall). He loves it. This is what Trevor looks like when he drinks Root beer:

Please note. Don't give Trevor Root Beer unless you are prepared.

I had all the kids make funny faces, then I took their pictures. I'd like to share the other pics, but I better not seeing how those other kids aren't my kids. Here's Trevor's funny face:

Here's his tower of cakes. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Trevor!

One of his presents was a blow up mattress with Spiderman. We used it to have a sleepover with Trevor and Devin. We did that for 3 nights, then we just moved Devin's bed to Trevor's room. They share a room now.

It's not a clean room, though.

And, this is Trevor and Devin with their great grandmother. I didn't get her permission to post her picture on my blog. I hope she doesn't mind.

You know what? Most of those bday pics have other people's children in them. So, that's really all I can share on my blog. So, here's a last filler picture of the boys at Walt Disney World to get you warmed up for my next Disney filled post to come at a later date:

It was a really nice party, though. There were kids, cupcakes, kool-aid, root beer, pizza, goodie bags, intensity, fun, fun, fun! And, now Trevor is 6. Only 12 years until he's out of here! Oh, no! Just 12 years!