Saturday, January 31, 2009

The precious moments from Walt Disney World

I should have gotten these all down while they were a bit fresher...

Devin is just about 40 inches. Just about, but not quite. On a trip to Walt Disney World, this is significant because there are a lot of really cool rides you can't ride if you're not quite 40 inches tall. That included Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom. I felt like he passed the do-it-yourself test, but the ride attendant didn't feel the same way. Devin got some pretty neat safety cards for bursting into tears at that ride. And, I got him an orange juice bar.

He didn't get anything for his trouble at Test Track in Epcot, though. He tried. He tried so hard. He tried his tip-toes. He tried standing up so straight his shoulders touched his ears. He jutted his chin high into the air. The ride attendant, I could tell, wanted him to pass. But there was a moment before she said no that we all knew he was just too short. In that moment, his face crumbled. When she gave her final no, he wailed.

I don't know, but there's something about a wailing Devin that his mom and dad find irresistible. John scooped him up and did his best to quiet his tears, and he probably would have bought him another OJ bar had he thought it would help.

Despite his status as not quite 40 inches tall, he did get to ride Soarin' and Splash Mountain. I guess the 40 inch rule has a little bit of give on those rides. While waiting in line for Soarin', Devin made note of how if he's tall enough to ride Soarin', he should be tall enough to ride Test Track. It's true. I was surprised and impressed by his logic. So we did head across the park to try Test Track again after riding Soarin'. Our 4 year old's logic was faulty, though, as the ride attendant pointed out that "Test Track isn't Soarin'! It goes 65 miles per hour!!" She was a little annoyed. I don't think we were the first parents to use the "he just rode Soarin' logic" that day.

Trevor got to ride a lot of things he'd been missing. Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Expedition Everest, Space Mountain, Space Mountain. That was pretty exciting. Trevor doesn't like Playhouse Disney AT ALL. And, his dislike of that is ruining Disney in a lot of other areas for him. So, I'm glad that he can finally ride Space Mountain. He still has a few things to look forward to. I can't remember what, but he has to be 48 inches tall for some rides, and he isn't there yet.

The boys got to see the fireworks show at Magic Kingdom for the first time. It's called Wishes and it's narated by Jiminy Cricket. It yielded two Devin gems. First, he asked if Tinkerbell could fly. She can. She's on a zip line, but it sure looks like she's flying. This made Devin realize something. All those characters must really be the real characters! If they were all just people in costumes, they couldn't fly!

He also wanted to know if he could make wishes in Magic Kingdom. Then, he wanted to know if he could make them on the way back from Magic Kingdom. And, he wanted to make them in our room. He wished that all Trevor's transformers would come to life and that he would see 15 Mickey Mouses! He told Trevor his wish, and Trevor told him how it would be bad if the Decepticons also came to life. True. So true.

I really need to get John to guest blog. Most days, I was in charge of Devin, and he was in charge of Trevor. So, he must have all the Trevor gems. I don't have as many as I'd like.

One last one...we drove those smelly little go-carts between Tomorrow Land and Toon Town in the Magic Kingdom. I let Devin drive. He thought that was the coolest thing ever. "Did you love it when I drove you around the track, Mom?" I did! I really did.

Bonus Material:
My mom told me this story. She'd blog it if she had a blog. I just know she would.

Vikki, my sister who I haven't spoken to in like a month (call me!), was cutting my mom's hair. Logan was watching with a serious look on her face. Then, she announced, "I don't think anyone will laugh at you." She told me another Logan story, but I forgot it. Darn!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What the???

Trevor and Devin just had this conversation...

Devin: "What the heck?"

Trevor: "Devin, what the heck is a bad word."

Devin: "What the 'oh my God'?"

Trevor: "Devin, 'oh my God' is a bad word, too."

Devin: "What can I say?"

Trevor: "Oh my gosh is OK."

Devin: "OH MY GOSH!"

Here's the best part...

I don't know that he was exclaiming over anything in particular!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Danged old bear

Last year, the school did this thing with a Teddy Bear. Everyone got to bring him home for an evening or two and then record their feelings about their time with the bear. Last year, Trevor was less than enthusiastic, ultimately. He said that he was very surprised at just how boring Teddy was, but thanked the teachers for the opportunity to spend time with the bear.

This year, Teddy is nappy and very used looking. Quite sad, really. He was such a sweet bear last year. But, the boys had the best time with this bear. Devin enjoyed throwing him the air and catching him. He enjoyed giving the bear boat rides in his overstuffed duffel bag. Trevor just enjoyed holding the bear, and having the bed nearby at bedtime.

Last night, Trevor wrote in the journal (with his own hand and words) that he wished Teddy could stay. I added a few words myself on his behalf outlining how Trevor would like to hide Teddy so that he could take him to Florida with him (we're going on vacation next week).

And, this morning, Teddy and his bag were nowhere to be found! Trevor did hide him. We found him, and that made Trevor so sad. "Can I just keep his outfit?" he asked. Then, Devin cried. I don't know why Devin cried. I think it was because he didn't get to wear the socks that I picked out for him. Then Trevor told us he didn't want the journal he'd written read in class. I told the teachers this, and they assured us that they would respect this. Then, she added that he may change his mind throughout the day. Then, she also noted that was pretty unlikely because when Trevor decides to be sad, he's usually committed to that stance for the entire school day.


Stupid bear.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Excuses

Devin is very imaginative.

Just now, I asked him to clean his room. He asked me to help. Because when he cleans his room by himself, "he gets lonely and he cries."

Also, he is in his pajamas right now. He came home from school and put them on.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Ice Day

It's OK if my kids are in their pajamas all day on a snow day, right? One less thing to do at bedtime, right?


Sunday, January 04, 2009

Trevor's most persistent wish

Trevor's most persistent wish is that everyone stops killing animals. I've offered to help him become a vegetarian so that he can work towards fulfilling that wish, but he's not ready to go there yet.

I may just sneak it up on him, though. He's been expressing the wish that we all stop killing animals for about 2 months. I don't think he would miss meat if I took it out of his diet. Our diet. He'd miss it if I fed him differently. Never mind. I'm not this ambitious.

But, if you have any other thoughts on how to help Trevor make this wish come true in some small way, please share.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Our most profound conversations

seem to happen in the car.

Trevor said to me and his dad, "Hey, will you guys die before me?"

Probably, we said. But, you don't need to worry about that now.

"Will you guys ever go to jail? OH, just tell them you didn't do it! BUT, DON'T LIE!" he said the last sentence in a bursty sort of urgent way.

We told him not to worry about jail because we try to obey the law and stuff.

Then, we asked what made him think to ask these things now. Surely something prompted it, right?

I guess not. His answer was a non-chalant, "I don't know."

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas Photos to share

First, there was Christmas in Oklahoma with memaw, papa and the rest:

I recognize that look on Stephen's face. It says, "where's mine?" I know that look. Then the look on Jena's face is just, "Thanks for seeing just how pretty I am and choosing to take a picture at this precise moment. I LOVE you."

And, here Trevor says, "Man, I am glad I'm not a girl!"

Logan got herself a Super Hero. Because last year, she called Memaw the 'tupid Memaw for just getting her girly stuff.

Seriously, Christmas is for kids, and I'm still a kid!!

Here Trevor's not sure what to play with first. And, Stephen still has that "look" on his face.

Chocolate frosted donuts. I think that's what's on his face.

Even sleeping, she just looks so familiar! She looks just like Vikki. Oh, and a pretty little angel, too.

Since, we're in Oklahoma, here are some more Oklahoma pictures. Will invited me and John out to where he works. We spotted this cool sign along the road:

This roughnecking is a Dirty Job. I'm going to tell Mike Rowe. Will has a lot of potential as a reality show TV star.

Pretty OK.

Mom (aka Memaw) tells me these belong to Ted Turner.

I don't know who owns this cow, but he very politely asked us to stop taking pictures and mooooo-ve along. Seriously.

I don't know. He was sad.

Daddy took 38 pics of jelly smeared Devin, and this was the best one.

Unless you count this one.

LOOK! Santa came! (They've been out of school for over a week! Gah!)

Look at Devin's face. Christmas pains him.

It hurts so bad...

Presents are sorted.




More Wii!

Mom's eye view of a double Christmas hug.


Us. Minus the picture taker.

Us. Hurting.

All tuckered out.

John got a new crazy hat. Crazy!