Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas Photos to share

First, there was Christmas in Oklahoma with memaw, papa and the rest:

I recognize that look on Stephen's face. It says, "where's mine?" I know that look. Then the look on Jena's face is just, "Thanks for seeing just how pretty I am and choosing to take a picture at this precise moment. I LOVE you."

And, here Trevor says, "Man, I am glad I'm not a girl!"

Logan got herself a Super Hero. Because last year, she called Memaw the 'tupid Memaw for just getting her girly stuff.

Seriously, Christmas is for kids, and I'm still a kid!!

Here Trevor's not sure what to play with first. And, Stephen still has that "look" on his face.

Chocolate frosted donuts. I think that's what's on his face.

Even sleeping, she just looks so familiar! She looks just like Vikki. Oh, and a pretty little angel, too.

Since, we're in Oklahoma, here are some more Oklahoma pictures. Will invited me and John out to where he works. We spotted this cool sign along the road:

This roughnecking is a Dirty Job. I'm going to tell Mike Rowe. Will has a lot of potential as a reality show TV star.

Pretty OK.

Mom (aka Memaw) tells me these belong to Ted Turner.

I don't know who owns this cow, but he very politely asked us to stop taking pictures and mooooo-ve along. Seriously.

I don't know. He was sad.

Daddy took 38 pics of jelly smeared Devin, and this was the best one.

Unless you count this one.

LOOK! Santa came! (They've been out of school for over a week! Gah!)

Look at Devin's face. Christmas pains him.

It hurts so bad...

Presents are sorted.




More Wii!

Mom's eye view of a double Christmas hug.


Us. Minus the picture taker.

Us. Hurting.

All tuckered out.

John got a new crazy hat. Crazy!

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