Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thursday, August 06, 2009


"Seaweed, precious, precious seaweed," is what Devin said as he ran after the seaweed. The current was pretty strong and seemed to run parallel to the beach. So, he he would run away in the strong current to catch his precious seaweed.

I call this one "Beach Hair" at 38

Flip Flop Tan

I call this one, "Look who's got the camera now, huh?"

I call this one, "The water didn't seem that cold to me."

We call this one, "Sand and Salt Water in Eyes."

The hole was more comfortable than it looked.

Here's the problem with beach holes. They have to big enough for two kids, or you have to dig two holes. Have you tried digging holes with a tiny little shovel? I have! It's not that bad.

it's hard to tell, but that's John flying a kite.

the seas were choppy and the current was strong.

Wrong angle, right personality.

Trevor flying the kite

With help.

Tooth #2

Trevor lost tooth #2 last week. Again, he wasn't at home. I wasn't there to pack gauze in the newly hole. I wasn't there to cheer and clap and start making plans for the tooth fairy's return visit. Again, I was bereft. Ok, I wasn't really. The magic is really gone after the first tooth. He lost tooth #2 at his daycamp, and they sent it home in a cup.

And, it's still in that cup because Trevor can not and will not trade it for money from a magical, mystical tooth fairy.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Sand Crab

The other little girls

Just cause I haven't seen them in awhile, and I just found them again on my computer.


Chaz and Des

Chaz and Des