Wednesday, March 30, 2011


It is snowing right now.

I curse the snow and wish for rain instead.

The End.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Doctor, Doctor

Trevor has been complaining of a tummy ache for a couple of weeks, and I kept expecting it to pass. It didn't, and today, it got worse. So, I decided to take him to one of the new urgent care places around here.

The doctor palpated his belly, showed him a really impressive magic trick, and ordered an x-ray. Trevor said, "will I be exposed to radiation with an x-ray?"

He really said that.

The doctor assured him that it was just a little bit of radiation. Just as much as he would get flying to Florida to go to Disney World.

He got his x-ray. And, he's fine. Nothing a little mira-lax won't fix...

The doctor showed him the parts of his body on the x-ray and made a copy of it to bring home and maybe even take to school. Before he let Trevor leave, he quizzed him on the body parts seen in the x-ray. Trevor did ok, he got a couple of them right and the doctor provided the answer before Trevor could on everything else.

The doctor said, "he's smart." And I said that people always notice how he acts older than he is. "No," the doctor said. "He's smart."

(So, if you're keeping track, Trevor has made urgent trips to see a doctor for a punctured soft palate, gas, a concussion received while walking down the stairs and now this. Devin, on the other hand, goes to see the doctor urgently because of asthma. I never would have expected it to be this way between those two!)

Trevor the radio star

Click the link above and then choose radio spot #2. Trevor has a speaking role!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Send Money Now!

Devin was just asking me, "what if we were rich?" Well, I think we are as rich as we need to be, so I told him that.

But, he persisted. "What if we were rich enough to have people live in our house and do stuff for us?" I told him that I could and should probably hire someone to come in once every other week and clean. We are rich enough for that. But, he'd still have to keep his room clean because she wouldn't pick up his toys. Well, he knew that already, he told me.

He persisted in what he thought it would be like to become rich. "What if there was a way we could become rich?" I was interested in what he had to say.

"We could just get people's money online." I was very interested, so I asked him to elaborate.

"If we had a reason for wanting money, we can just ask people, and they would give it to us." I wondered what our reason would be.

"Because we want to be rich," he said. "That's a reason."

Well, it's not a good reason. But, it IS a reason.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Devin the flexitarian and Trevor the me.

Devin has become a vegetarian. I am not certain why. I flirted with the idea myself last year, his aunt is a vegetarian, and he has a friend whose family is vegan. Between those three things, he decided meat is not for him, except for special occasions. Like trips to McDonalds.Because of chicken mcnuggets. So, he is a flexitarian, eating meat only when he goes to McDonalds. He was so happy when I gave him a word to describe his way of eating. He will still eat fish. I am waiting for a very special occasion to tell him he's a pescoflexivegetarian.

And then there's Trevor. I remember watching The Exorcist as a child. I am still haunted by the memory of that movie, and I can't think the word "DEMON" in my own house if I'm alone. I certainly can't watch the movie ever, ever again. Never, ever, ever. Ever.

Trevor watched a scary show that was on the TV the other day. We didn't turn it on. It was just on. I told him not to watch it. But. He did. I figured he would learn to listen to me. But, that didn't happen. No. Poor guy is just haunted and full of stinkin thinkin. Bedtime is hard again. How do I raise a kid with my insecurities to not have my insecurities???

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Central park is a fun park even though it isn't a kid park. Right, Trevor?

View from our hotel

Sunday, March 06, 2011


The pizza at Cavizzi was wood fired. And, divine.

Devin at Cavizzi

Trevor at cavizzi in hells kitchen, ny

Harlem globetrotters at BJC. Pretty cool. Did you know PETA frowns on donkey basketball. It's not so great for the donkeys.

Saturday, March 05, 2011


Trevor has been staying afterschool a couple of days a week. On Wednesdays, he plays Rock Band. On Thursdays, the play is supervised by the man who teaches PE, and there's always something going on that I wouldn't expect. Forts made with mats, dodgeball, and strings criss-crossing the rooms so the kids can pull themselves along on flat four-wheeled carts.

This week, the play involved a bossy older girl giving people tickets for their driving.

Trevor had given himself immunity from her tickets on the license plate of his cart. It said:

"You can't give me a ticket because I am the president.

(He's already got a few ideas for his acceptance speech, too. Another story, though. Another time.)

Tuesday Morning Normalcy

This past Tuesday morning, Trevor got up at his usual time. I think it was around 5. He gets to play Lego Star Wars uninterrupted for as long as Devin sleeps. I guess that's the thing that makes him such an early riser. Devin follows about 15 to 30 minutes later normally. I think Trevor is what makes Devin such an early riser.

About an hour and a half later, Trevor starts crying. Sometimes, his video game makes him cry. He gets frustrated at one thing or another. I'll be honest, this cry didn't sound like that, but it was early, and I assumed it was. When I got up to check on him, I was on the more frustrated end of the mommy emotion scale.

I quickly let that go when he told me that his head hurt. Aches scare me, whether they are in the head or the tummy, and my mind quickly "went there." But, knowing there wasn't much I could do in a worst case scenario, I gave him some water and some chewable acetaminophen. I thought maybe he was dehydrated.

I went back to bed, and I heard a few noises that sounded like either coughing or vomiting. Since I wasn't certain, I just stayed in bed. He told me when I got up that he thrown up the medicine. I asked if he had hit his head at school the day before. "No," he told me. "I hit it this morning when I walked down the stairs."

I started thinking concussion. Or, maybe an elaborate ploy to stay out of school. We gave him more water and told him to go lie down. He drank his water, and then threw it up.

So, John took him to the ER. They diagnosed him with a mild concussion and told us to keep an eye on him for the rest of the day.

We kept him out of school. His elaborate ploy had worked. He got to play a lot of uninterrupted Lego Star Wars. He had no more episodes of headache or throwing up. He wouldn't go out and play because he was sure it would make his head start hurting again. I thought that was an elaborate ploy to avoid going outside and playing, but the next day, he was happy his head felt good enough for him to run around outside.

He told me later that he remembered his head was like a ball. As he was coming down the stairs with his blanket, he tripped, and hit his head on the banister. And, his head bounced twice, like a ball.

He wears a helmet when his bikes, scoots, skis and sleds at least 85% of the time. His first concussion happens walking down the stairs. Go figure!

Friday, March 04, 2011


Why did I abandon my blog? It's awesome!

I forgot the 6 great stories I meant to share. So, I will just try and start recording them again, soon.

Mostly, I'm afraid that the blog might soon haunt the boys. But, I think as long as I keep their stories off facebook, they will be ok. I sure hope so.