Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Send Money Now!

Devin was just asking me, "what if we were rich?" Well, I think we are as rich as we need to be, so I told him that.

But, he persisted. "What if we were rich enough to have people live in our house and do stuff for us?" I told him that I could and should probably hire someone to come in once every other week and clean. We are rich enough for that. But, he'd still have to keep his room clean because she wouldn't pick up his toys. Well, he knew that already, he told me.

He persisted in what he thought it would be like to become rich. "What if there was a way we could become rich?" I was interested in what he had to say.

"We could just get people's money online." I was very interested, so I asked him to elaborate.

"If we had a reason for wanting money, we can just ask people, and they would give it to us." I wondered what our reason would be.

"Because we want to be rich," he said. "That's a reason."

Well, it's not a good reason. But, it IS a reason.


Anonymous said...

I always said he was clever Trevor!!!
He will find a way, maybe not today but he will find a way to become RICH. He will do it because he is Clever Trevor.
Love you all

Tricia said...

Trevor wants to become rich, too. But, that conversation was all Devin! And, in hindsight, it makes sense. He was setting me up, trying to make sure I knew it was a good idea before telling me it was a good idea. Trevor would just ask if we could get rich that way.

Anonymous said...

I should have read it better. I just assumed it hAD to be Clever Trevor. That Devin has the drive to be rich someday also. Get them both together planing how to get rich and they will do it. Love you all.