Monday, March 14, 2011

Devin the flexitarian and Trevor the me.

Devin has become a vegetarian. I am not certain why. I flirted with the idea myself last year, his aunt is a vegetarian, and he has a friend whose family is vegan. Between those three things, he decided meat is not for him, except for special occasions. Like trips to McDonalds.Because of chicken mcnuggets. So, he is a flexitarian, eating meat only when he goes to McDonalds. He was so happy when I gave him a word to describe his way of eating. He will still eat fish. I am waiting for a very special occasion to tell him he's a pescoflexivegetarian.

And then there's Trevor. I remember watching The Exorcist as a child. I am still haunted by the memory of that movie, and I can't think the word "DEMON" in my own house if I'm alone. I certainly can't watch the movie ever, ever again. Never, ever, ever. Ever.

Trevor watched a scary show that was on the TV the other day. We didn't turn it on. It was just on. I told him not to watch it. But. He did. I figured he would learn to listen to me. But, that didn't happen. No. Poor guy is just haunted and full of stinkin thinkin. Bedtime is hard again. How do I raise a kid with my insecurities to not have my insecurities???


Anonymous said...

I still cannot watch that kind of movie. I never did like them. Maybe it comes from being scared of the dark when I was a kid. I always knew there was something out there that was going to get me, I just could not see it because it was dark.
Love you all,

Tricia said...

I should change the title to Trevor the Me(maw)!