Friday, February 24, 2006

These are the months of the Ye-ar!

Trevor's been singing a new song. It's the Months of the Year. It's very cute to watch him sing it. He uses his fingers and hands, and I have video that I will share when I have a chance.

2 awfully cute things. First, he always skips November, and with the tune, I can't even figure out how to fit it in. Second, it ends like this:
These are the months of the year
Fill them with fun and with cheer
the months of the year.

In Trevor's version, it goes:
These are the months of the ye-ar (2 syllables)
Fill them with fun and with chill (2 syllables)
the months of the year-o.

He won' be corrected on the chill and year-o version, either. In fact, the year is part of the year-o, or something to that effect.

Going to work

I came downstairs this morning after I got ready for work. As I was coming down the stairs, Trevor said, "Mommy, you need to get your shoes on and your coat on and then go to work."

I didn't know whether to be hurt that he wanted me to go or relieved that I could go without a meltdown.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Devin's New Word

Devin has a new word.

It's shoes.

But, he doesn't say "shoes".

He says "shhhh, shhhh, shhhh."

I like it.

Pavlov's Toddlers

We went to a Valentine's day party at the daycare yesterday. After a bit, I was trying to get Trevor to settle down and play with his friends, and all of the other parents had left. It was just me, Daddy, the toddlers and the teachers.

So, I sat down in the chair where Ms. Kimmy sits to read books.

All of a surden, 3 little children (including Trevor) brought me books and said, "Here's Cookie, Read Cookie!"
"Here's my favorite book, read it, read it!"
"Mommy, read this one, read this one!"

Then, Ms. Kimmy said, "Gather around Children, Tricia wants to read some books!"

These children LOVE to have books read to them. An adult sitting in that chair makes them hungry for their favorite book. Although it was a little intimidating to have all of these children mobbing me and no control over them (I wasn't expecting it!) it was a pretty neat experience.

Monday, February 13, 2006


I was off doing something today...picking up toys for the 80th time, I think. Devin wasn't right in view the whole time. I left him alone for maybe 3 minutes. When I went to check on him, I found him in front of the bathroom door downstairs. He'd gotten a box of Kleenex off the back of the toilet, and he was sitting on the floor putting tissues back in the box. He'd pulled out 20 or so when I was off picking up toys. So, he was in the process of putting them back in. I didn't realize that at the time. I just thought he was making a mess. I let him be, and I went back to picking up toys. When I was all done, I checked on Devin again. I looked in front of the bathroom where I'd last seen him.

The Kleenex box was gone, and only 2 tissues were left on the floor. Interesting. I checked in the bathroom, and there, on the back of the toilet, was the box of Kleenex. He put the tissues back in the box, and then he put the box away!

Just then, Devin came walking up. I had picked up the two tissues, and he indicated he wanted them. I gave him the tissues, and I told him to put them in the garbage. He had other ideas. He walked into the bathroom and then pointed to the tissue box. I gave him the box, and he put in the last two tissues. What a good boy.

So, this story has two morals. First, Devin is a good boy who cleans up his own messes every now and then. Second, if you're at our house, and your nose is runny, and you want a fresh Kleenex, choose a box whose tissues are not obviously stuffed back into the box by a one-year-old named Devin.

Devin is neat...

Devin is at that neat stage where he doesn't have much language, but he understands us. I tell him to take his shoes to the mud room, and he does. Or he goes to get them.

It's got to be a litle frustrating to understand how language is suppose to work, but not always being able to get his message across. But, I like that he's getting me messages!

Also, I *think* that he's calling himself Deh, Deh now.

Bad Mother

As I was getting the boys out of the car today, I hit Trevor in the head with Devin's head. It wasn't too bad of a hit. So, I laughed and said, "what kind of mother am I?"

"A bad mother." Trevor replied.

All of a sudden!

Yesterday, Trevor was singing us a new song. It goes like this:
5 Fat Sausages sizzling in the pan, all of a sudden (Clap) one fell down.

It goes like this until it gets to zero.

I *thought* Trevor was having a little trouble saying the word "sudden" because he pronounced it "surden." I thought a little gentle correction was in order. I asked him if it went "all of a sudden, one fell down". He said "NO! It's all of a surden!" I tried several more times throughout the day to use the phrase "all of a sudden" in the song. It's just not the way it goes! I got corrected every time.

I wonder if he's picking up his teachers' Indian accents?

Thursday, February 09, 2006

What is this behaviour?

Trevor has issues with food that is not "fixed." For example, this morning, Trevor and Devin were eating slices of cheese. I gave Trevor a fixed slice (whole) because I know that's how he likes it. I folded Devin's in quarters because I think that's a little less messy. When I gave Devin his cheese, he was delighted, and it was cute. I laughed, Trevor laughed, and then, Trevor asked me to fold his cheese, too. I did, because he asked for it. He took one bite, and then suffered a meltdown because the cheese was not flat, and it was in four pieces. He cried and cried and cried. I refused to get him more cheese, because I didn't want to give in. He eventually got more cheese, but what is this behaviour? Last night, we had mac and cheese with hot dogs. Trevor refused to eat the cut up hot dogs, picking them out of his mac and cheese. Instead, he asked for whole hot dog.

He also still has issues with throwing food out. In fact, last night on the way home, he asked what we were having for dinner. He wanted "leftovers". I didn't have any, so I made mac and cheese and called it leftovers.

I don't understand my little man.

Guess What?!

Trevor can go entire days without having a pee-pee wet accident, and just this morning, he went Poo in the Toilet. Yay! Everybody poops. It's nice when everybody poops in the toilet.

In other Trevor news, yesterday, he put on his own socks, and he appears to now have a greater interest in dressing himself.

It's a milestone week.

Sunday, February 05, 2006


We went out for lunch. A couple sat next to us, and they also had two boys, but their kids were older than ours. After they spilled their chips, their drink, and dropped toys on the floor, their mom told them to act our kids!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I asked Trevor tonight if he would like to have pasta for dinner. He said, "no, how about spaghetti?"

The End