Friday, March 18, 2011

Doctor, Doctor

Trevor has been complaining of a tummy ache for a couple of weeks, and I kept expecting it to pass. It didn't, and today, it got worse. So, I decided to take him to one of the new urgent care places around here.

The doctor palpated his belly, showed him a really impressive magic trick, and ordered an x-ray. Trevor said, "will I be exposed to radiation with an x-ray?"

He really said that.

The doctor assured him that it was just a little bit of radiation. Just as much as he would get flying to Florida to go to Disney World.

He got his x-ray. And, he's fine. Nothing a little mira-lax won't fix...

The doctor showed him the parts of his body on the x-ray and made a copy of it to bring home and maybe even take to school. Before he let Trevor leave, he quizzed him on the body parts seen in the x-ray. Trevor did ok, he got a couple of them right and the doctor provided the answer before Trevor could on everything else.

The doctor said, "he's smart." And I said that people always notice how he acts older than he is. "No," the doctor said. "He's smart."

(So, if you're keeping track, Trevor has made urgent trips to see a doctor for a punctured soft palate, gas, a concussion received while walking down the stairs and now this. Devin, on the other hand, goes to see the doctor urgently because of asthma. I never would have expected it to be this way between those two!)

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