Friday, January 16, 2009

Danged old bear

Last year, the school did this thing with a Teddy Bear. Everyone got to bring him home for an evening or two and then record their feelings about their time with the bear. Last year, Trevor was less than enthusiastic, ultimately. He said that he was very surprised at just how boring Teddy was, but thanked the teachers for the opportunity to spend time with the bear.

This year, Teddy is nappy and very used looking. Quite sad, really. He was such a sweet bear last year. But, the boys had the best time with this bear. Devin enjoyed throwing him the air and catching him. He enjoyed giving the bear boat rides in his overstuffed duffel bag. Trevor just enjoyed holding the bear, and having the bed nearby at bedtime.

Last night, Trevor wrote in the journal (with his own hand and words) that he wished Teddy could stay. I added a few words myself on his behalf outlining how Trevor would like to hide Teddy so that he could take him to Florida with him (we're going on vacation next week).

And, this morning, Teddy and his bag were nowhere to be found! Trevor did hide him. We found him, and that made Trevor so sad. "Can I just keep his outfit?" he asked. Then, Devin cried. I don't know why Devin cried. I think it was because he didn't get to wear the socks that I picked out for him. Then Trevor told us he didn't want the journal he'd written read in class. I told the teachers this, and they assured us that they would respect this. Then, she added that he may change his mind throughout the day. Then, she also noted that was pretty unlikely because when Trevor decides to be sad, he's usually committed to that stance for the entire school day.


Stupid bear.

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