Thursday, February 26, 2009

He's not designed for that...

Devin was in bed with us this morning. I was laying beside him and took the opportunity to hug him. He said, "UGH! I'm not designed for hugs like that!" I asked him what kind of hugs he was designed for, and he told me I needed to be standing up.

Then, I kissed his forehead about 8 times, and he said, "UGH! I'm not designed for that many kisses! Just one kiss a day!" So, I kissed his forehead one more time. And, he told me that I'd already exceeded his kiss limit for the day.

Then, John leaned into him. And, he said, "UGH! I'm not designed to be squished like that!" So, John stopped squishing him.

He's not all about the prickly-ness, though. Yesterday was his dad's birthday. I mentioned this to him and told him he should tell him Happy Birthday. Then, I asked what he wanted to get his dad for his birthday. And, he said A CHAINSAW! Ok, maybe he is all prickly-ness.

Later in the day he went mountaineering with his friend who is old enough to be his grandmother. Apparently, there were some bushes in the way and apparently a chainsaw would have come in handy. So, at dinner, Devin scolded me mightily for not really getting Daddy a chainsaw for his birthday. Devin would have used it that day if only he had one!

Want to know what I made John for dinner? It was the best dinner I ever made except John would have rather had stuffed shells. I made an appetizer course (yes a course!) with bacon wrapped scallops and a warm spinach salad. For our entree, we had seared tuna with a sauce made of soy sauce, sesame oil, honey and rice wine vinegar along with rice and baby carrots. They boys had salmon with the same sauce. Dessert was a $20 Fruit Tart from Wegmans. We ate the whole thing! Yummy! Happy Birthday to John!!

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