Saturday, October 24, 2009

I'm moving out right after my party

Devin was upset earlier. Trevor has no patience for Devin's tears. And, he doesn't cry a lot. But, when he does, Trevor is apt to cry himself, yell, or try to reason with him. I don't know, but it sounds familiar. I think I do the same thing.

Tonight when Devin was upset, Trevor made this solemn threat to the one who calls him his best brother.

"If you keep crying at every little thing, Devin, I am going to move out as soon as I'm old enough. Right after my party."

"If you stop crying, though, maybe I'll stay a couple of more years."

This is from the kid who plans on going to Penn State so he can be close to home, and who plans on living in the neighborhood when he's all grown up. This, of course, totally works for me. I think.

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Anonymous said...

That is so funny. What party is he planning to have? Tell both boys I love them and they need to stay at home just a few more years.\
Love MOM