Saturday, December 03, 2005


Christmas is an exciting time, and the beginning of the season at our house is when the tree goes up. When Trevor and Devin can put the tree up and hang the lights, that will be such a joyous time. But, for now, with all the excitement and the boxes, it's a little stressful for the parents and a little overstimulating for the kids. That overstimulation leads to bad behavior...jumping on the couch, throwing decorations, stuff like that. Of course, that leads to time-outs.

Tonight, he got two time-outs. For the second one, he jumped on the couch for the 80th time, and I told him he may as well get on his time-out stool. Daddy pointed to the stool and said, "go on. Go." To my surprise, he got on the stool.

After getting he situated, he said, "This is really not working for me." I asked, "why?" He responded, "it's just old." I asked, "well, what will work for you now?"

"A blue airplane," he answered.

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