Sunday, June 06, 2010


Trevor has strep throat. I'm pretty sure he picked it up on school Tuesday or Wednesday. Blech!

His school had a camp out Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of last week. Trevor actually slept over Thursday night, and when he got home on Friday, his teacher told me that Trevor had a sore throat, she mentioned it might be strep, and sent him on his way.

(Did you see how nonchalant I wrote about that sleepover at a camp out in the woods I had never seen? That's how nonchalant I was in real life, too!)

I took Trevor to the doctor on Saturday morning. I realized that waiting and seeing probably was just prolonging the pain for no good reason since this struck so suddenly. The doctor told us to avoid sharing food with Trevor and that he should change his toothbrush in three days to avoid infecting himself.

So, since then, if we offer Trevor some of our food, say a french fry that we haven't bitten, his first inclination is to refuse since that would be sharing food.

And, he keeps telling me that we should change his toothbrush since he's been sick for three days. He's really taking charge of his own health!

As far as the rest of us, I don't know. John and I both had scratchy throats from thinking about it on Saturday, and Devin acted puny from 7:30 until bedtime tonight. I guess we'll just see.

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