Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This really happened...

...Devin wanted to make lunch for everyone the day. So, he did. He made turkey and cheese sandwiches. And, he wanted to make those sandwiches without any help from me. And, when it was time to eat, and he called Trevor over, Trevor said very sincerely, "oh, thank you, Devin. That is so nice."

And, at the next meal, Trevor declared that Devin should go on the food network. Well, Devin agreed with that. He thinks that some day he will go on Iron Chef. And, after that, he will be the Cake Boss. Now, that's on TLC, but I didn't correct him.

And, today, he was hungry, so he made himself another turkey and cheese sandwich. And, then he asked me if he could make Trevor the same thing.

And, all that really happened.

PS, today, Trevor learned how to ride his bike with my help. Devin has been riding his bike a lot, and he can take off and stop on his own. He also does turns where he leans into them and makes me afraid he will fall and scrape his legs. But, he doesn't. He's got good balance.

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