Sunday, January 22, 2006

He's so smart...

Trevor loves cars...hotwheels, matchbox, generic cars, anything with wheels.

That's the background. Here's the story.

Last night, Trevor met a new friend. We had gotten Trevor's new friend some Matchbox cars. The cars were opened right away, and when it was time for Trevor's new friend to go home, it was a bit of challenge to separate the friend's cars from Trevor's 298 cars. I was awfully proud of myself for finding 3 of 5, and Daddy found one more. But, unfortunately, Trevor's new friend went home with only 80% of the cars we'd given him.

Tonight, I found the car under the end table. I just thought it was one of Trevor's cars, so I gave it to him to play with at bedtime.

He kept asking me, who forgot this? Who forgot this? I had no idea what he was talking about, but when he gave the truck to Daddy and asked "who forgot this?" Daddy realized that the fifth car from the gift package.

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