Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Little Jobs for Devin

After I changed Devin's wet diaper this morning, I gave him the diaper, all rolled up in a tight little ball, and I told him to take it to the garbage. Devin's normally pretty good at taking things to the garbage. He's also not bad at putting things in the sink, but that's a little tougher since he's so short. He has to throw things in the sink, and he's not all that consistent.

But I have digressed.

This morning, I gave him the diaper to throw away. He took the diaper and was walking to the garbage can. Then, Trevor came out of the bathroom, and Devin was sidetracked. He put the diaper down. I picked it up, and I started walking towards the garbage can. Devin yelled at me and nearly ran to where I was. I imagined he was saying, "Hey! That's my job, Don't take my job, give me that wet diaper!!"

He didn't say that, but it's what I imagined...


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