Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Dinner, the best ever!

I made skirt steak tonight. I broiled it for about 7 minutes on each side with just some salt and pepper. I put more salt on that I normally would, but it was just the right amount, as it turned out. It was about 1-1/2 pounds of meat.

I gave Trevor a little steak, and he ate it all and said, "more steak!" I gave him more, and he ate that and asked for more. He asked for more steak about 5 times. He ate alot! Then, Devin said, "MUH, MUUHHHH!" and pushed his little plate toward me. He got about 3 servings. I had to take a piece of steak off of John's fork for that meat request!

It was really yummy. I think I'll make it again some night.

Is this blogworthy? I don't know if it is or not. But, it was very cute the way that my family asked for seconds, thirds, fourths and fifths. Almost makes me want to learn to cook!

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