Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Aunt Mickey Mouse and the local Cemetery

I am so proud of my sister, Vikki. She finished a two year degree in two years despite having a tiny little baby at home and then getting pregnant with Baby Number 2 before finishing the program. She's an Amazing Person. I think she loses sight of that sometimes, but it's true. Few people in the WORLD can do what she did. Amazing.

We were on the phone the other day and the kids were all over me, so I said to her, "HERE, talk to Devin!" I told Devin, "Say something to your Aunt Vikki."

He grinned and said, "Hello Mickey Mouse!" I am raising a couple of Disney Freaks, it's true!

Vikki works for a funeral home now. She takes care of the dead and their loved ones. So, I feel it is with that piece of tangential authority that I can answer all of Trevor's questions about the cemetery that we pass on the way to work/daycare every day. And, he asks questions almost every day that we pass by that cemetery. And, if we pass by a cemetery in another place, he points that out, too.

Here are some of his questions:
"What are headstones?"
"Who lives in the cemetery?"
"Why do they live in the cemetery?"
"Why are there buildings in the cemetery?"
"Why do people go to the cemetery?"
"Why do we never go to the cemetery?"
"Why are there roads in the cemetery?"
"Why is the cemetery open?"
"Why does Aunt Vikki take care of people in the cemetery?"

Maybe it's not odd, maybe it is. I'm not sure. But, that Trevor asks a lot of questions about cemeteries. And, now he knows a lot about cemeteries. He's a 4 year old authority on cemeteries.


Jack Miller said...

The circle of life will help you answer some of those questions. I was taken to funerals as an infant, as well as most of my life. I don't go so much anymore since the death of my son, but it's nothing that I fear thanks to my grandmother who explained it all to me at a very early age.

You're one great parent!

Busy_Woman said...

Jack! Good to hear from you. I will try to remember to use the circle of life next time he asks questions about the cemetery or dying.

Thank you!