Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Raindrops are falling on my car

We got a little rain yesterday. Not a whole lot, but enough to make the normally competent Chicagoland drivers a bit skittish. Seeing long lines of traffic on my normal route and wanting to avoid that, I took a different route. My decision was not smart. I ended up being stuck on a mile long road for 10 to 15 minutes.

The boys were antsy about this. They both kept telling me to go. Trevor said, "Why can't you go around these cars?" I told him that would be unsafe. "Why would it be unsafe?" I told him because I would have to get into the other lane and that other lane was for oncoming traffic. "Why would that be unsafe?" I told him it would be unsafe because those cars would hit me, and then we would crash, and then we would die, maybe, or at least, we would get hurt. Then, I told him he was distracting me and I had to drive.

Two minutes later, Devin said, "GO, MOMMY!" I told him that I couldn't.

Another minute passed and Trevor says, "MOM, THIS TRAFFIC IS BACKING ME UP! IT'S FREAKING ME OUT!"

Left with no other choices, I giggled. That was funny.

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mom said...

It is hard for me to believe that Devin can talk as good as he can. I keep thinking of him as a little baby or maybe a toddler who can walk and play and point and mumble words but not really talk where you can understand him. I am just so glad that you have this blog so I can read and sometime watch videos of the boys. Thanks for taking the time to do it.
Love MOM