Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Catch up time

Daddy made dinner tonight. DADDY MADE DINNER TONIGHT! WOW! I think I have time to catch up on my blog! Do you think he'll do the dishes? Put the food away? He might! HE MIGHT NOT! Only time will tell...

We went to Walt Disney World last week. You would think that a 2 year old would have nothing but a good time in such a place. But, on the third day we were there, Devin told me, "I'm bored of this!" It was a surprising statement to me. It appeared that he was having a very good time prior to and immediately after his statement of boredom.

The next day, we went swimming in the resort pool. On the way back to our room, he told me in his most conversational tone, "I had a good time swimming, today." I guess he probably did. When he's wearing his life vest, he's quite a good doggie paddler. Trevor is also an exceptional doggie paddler. Oddly enough, Devin got more forward motion than Trevor during their doggie paddles. But, they were both really good at staying afloat. Trevor also braved the water slide several times. He tried it once without his life vest at my insistence, but his sense of self preservation was too strong, and he wouldn't go down the slide again without his life vest. We're pretty blessed to have a kid who is willing take risks but only if he feels safe.

Our last day at WDW, Trevor threw a tantrum because it was our last day of vacation. I tried to reason with him that we had to go how to see our cat Socks (see below for more info on how she fared while we vacationed.) My mention of Socks did not have the effect I intended. He cried and cried and cried because he missed his cat. So, we called and left her a voicemail. I'll get Daddy involved and try to post it here. It's sweet and funny, and it did the trick. He cheered up, at least temporarily after leaving that message. Did I mention that Trevor appears to be afraid of Socks now? Yeah. He's afraid of our cat now. Just a little.

Tomorrow is the big trike-a-thon at the Boys' School. Thanks to the grandmas, grandpas, and Auntie Lucilles who sponsored them. They appreciate it!

Trevor is incredibly bright. We're blessed this way, too. But, he has trouble saying some things. Or, maybe he's got a severe midwestern accent. I'm not sure. We were talking about Socks the other day. She's gotten fat. She actually gained weight while we were at WDW. I was afraid she was going to run out of food, but she just got into the 20 pound bag in the basement. Anyway, Trevor asked, "why is Socks Fat?" Except "Fat" came out in two syllables...fay-at. Just know, he's watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Goofy asked a question. He responded, "Yeah." But, it sounded like...yay-ah. This morning, he asked for my "badge" so he could open the door to daycare. He said it like (can you guess?)...bay-adge. Well, it's funny. I think he knows the right way to say these little one syllable words. Just now, Trevor made a funny face at me and said, "I was trying to make you lay-augh." Two syllables are just more fun (and creative!)

And, I would like to offer an update on the Tim McGraw song. We still sing it. I still like it. But, Devin offers a new twist...
Fly Away, Fly Away
Fly Away,

That last part, that's from Jay-Jay the Jet Plane. He watched that a couple of times when we visited his Grandma and Grandpa. We don't watch it at home anymore. Brenda Blue really gets on my nerves (her lipstick is TOO red for a pre-school show!) Still, the song really stuck with Devin...

(Oh, and I told the folks at my job about our upcoming move. I'm not hated and despised, and I may, in fact, get to maintain employment after we move (think positive thoughts for me, please.))))

Here's the Jay Jay lyrics:
The sun is rising high up over Terrytown,
Friends taking off and friends touching down.
That's where you'll find that one-of-a-kind
Jay-Jay, Jay-Jay the Jet Plane.
(that's me!)

Never been another little guy like this
So much in love with the sky like this
So buckle-up tight, it's a musical flight
With Jay-Jay, (Jay-Jay) Jay-Jay the Jet Plane.
(that's me!)


Aunt Mary said...

It sounds like you had a lot of fun at WDW. I have missed you, while you were gone. I checked each day and nothing there. Is it too late to send the boys something for their bike-a thon? If it isn't let me know where to send it. Love, Aunt Mary

Busy_Woman said...

I think it's too late. It was yesterday. Although, when you commented, the trike a thon was tomorrow.

But, I'll make sure and send solicitations for future events your way! Thanks!!