Friday, May 04, 2007


It's been a couple of days, and my children have been precious and annoying, and I have already forgotten some of the things they have done. Poop.

But, I remember this...
Trevor had a show and share yesterday. They already made it all the way through the alphabet, so they were specifically told not to bring anything that starts with the letter A. I bet his teacher specifically told him something other than that, but that was his interpretation. So, we sent him to school with his new Carnataurus (Meat Eating Bull) Dinosaur that he had gotten at Animal Kingdown after much negotiations and a second ride on that scary Dinosaur ride they have there.

Well, Trevor's scary Carnataurus (his name in Dinomax, by the way) was the most popular of all the show and share items. At least, that's what Trevor had to say. But, you know what? Trevor HATES Mary Poppins. Someone must have brought Mary Poppins, and she wasn't a very popular toy at all. Because Trevor told me that he HATED her. I wish he hadn't learned the word "Hate" quite yet. The most popular toy right after Dinomax was a pair of "Handcups" that his friend Clark brought from home. Those handcups are used for "under-arresting people." I really like the way he says that. It was so much more efficient than saying "putting people under arrest." Don't you think?

There are only about 3 girls in Trevor's class. I'm not surprised that Dinosaurs and handcups were the best toys and Mary Poppins was the worst.

Trevor was naming off his friends last night. He named off several classmates and some home friends, too. I asked if he liked Nicole from his class. "Nah, I don't really have a lot of girl friends." I asked about his good friend, M, who is a girl. "Oh yeah, she's my girl friend." Then, Daddy asked if that meant he only had one girlfriend, like he was trying to get him to commit to M for the rest of his life or something (and I think he would if he had that option). Trevor replied, "yeah, I only have one girl friend. I have a lot more boy friends." Daddy thought his attempt to gauge Trevor's true love interest in M just completely backfired. He does love the divine miss M. I will miss getting to see them grow up together once we move away. They have an interesting dynamic.

In other news, I've gotten a few hits on my site from people looking for more information on Tim McGraw's song about 1-2-3, like a bird I sing! If I got more than 100, I would call myself an authority on the web regarding that song. But, I only got about 10. So, just in case Tim McGraw googles his lyrics and finds my site, I just want to give a shout out to him..Hey Tim! Good to see you here! If you're just looking for more info on his lyrics...HEY to you, too.

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