Saturday, May 05, 2007

WDW Photots


This one has a few inches to go, though.

They look too cool in their shades, don't ya think?

Sniff, Sniff...He looks more like 5 than 4 in this picture.

Trevor is digging for's like all of his dreams are coming true!

Devin's doing exactly what his big brother is doing. It's like all of his dreams are coming true!

I just like this one.

It's fun to dress them alike, but not EXACTLY alike.

Our new favorite picture...Is it yours, too? Daddy had spent several minutes trying to get both boys to smile at once. Finally, Trevor intervened.

Devin thinks that Trevor's smile is goofy.

So, he fixed his wagon and pulled his hair. Oh, brother.

I told Trevor,"Show me your mad face."

Then, I said, "Show me your happy face!"

Porcupine Butt.

Shoulder Riding.

Sometimes, it's exhausting.

Devin is cute. So stinkin' cute. I may have mentioned this before.

Really, Really Cute.


And, Trevor is just a good big brother, trying to get Devin to go down that slide.

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MOM said...

I just love, love, love the new Photos of the boys in Disney World. They are both so stinking cute, and looks like growing like weeds.
By the way we are sending good thoughts your way about keeping the job.
Love MOM