Friday, May 18, 2007

Devin, Devin, Devin

We were out late last night. We didn't get home until after bedtime. Still, I gave each of the boys a donut. They wanted dessert, and I had gotten them donuts for dessert. This was silly. Donuts right before bed. Silly. Won't do it again. Those kids did not fall asleep until an hour and a half after their normal bedtime! Devin was really the dynamic that was keeping them both awake. Calling himself Winnie the Pooh, he just would not go to sleep.

I went to their room about an hour and 15 minutes into their awake time, and I quietly talked to Devin. He said, "I weally, weally wuff oo. I weally, weally wuff oo." Then he squeezed my nose and said "Squeeze, Squeeze." I told him to go to sleep. He told me that he weally, weally wuffed me. I told that I really loved him too, and he said, "NO! I weally, weally wuff oo!" Then he poked me in my eye and laughed.

Quietly in my just above a whisper voice, I promised him a donut for breakfast if he stayed in bed and went to sleep.

It worked.

This morning, he had a donut for breakfast. They really are breakfast foods and not bedtime snacks.

Part II:
Devin came over to me this morning in the living room, looked at the floor, and said, "that mumbly monster is weally scary. That mumbly monster is weally, weally skerring me." I looked at the floor. He was looking at a fuzzball from Socks. I really ought to vacuum.

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MOM said...

That story really makes me smile.
Give my love to the boys.