Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Conversations in the car

Yesterday, I asked Trevor to name three things he likes about Devin. They were:
1. I love Devin
2. I like to play games with Devin
3. I like to play water guns with Devin.

I asked Devin the same thing about Trevor. He said:
1. I love Trevor.

And, since he doesn't really get counting, he stopped there. But, Trevor asked, "do you like playing games with me?" and Devin said, "Yeah." And, then Trevor asked, "do you like playing water guns with me?" and Devin said, "yeah."

So their answers were just about the same.

Then, I asked Trevor to name 4 things he likes about his dad. His answers were surprising, sorta. They were:
1. I like when he lets us go out for dinner.
2. I like when he drives us to the airport. At this point in the conversation, Devin interjected, "I want to go to the airport!"
3. I like when he hugs and loves me.

I think the last one counted as two because hugging and loving and two seperate activities.

That was our conversation in the car yesterday. It was way better than:
Mommy: "STOP KICKING MY SEAT!" and the conversation that ensues after that statement has been made.


mom said...

I know I responded to the picture blog, but, it did not appear when I looked later. I love the pictures and I think Devin looks just his Dad. I bet he was just as cute as Devin. Did you Dad tell you that I was at the stockholders meeting in Arkansas. The eagels, Grethen Wilson, Cool and the Gang were there along with the latest American Idol winner Jordin. Also two of the guys from whose line is it anyway. it was great
LOVE, MOM Today is Will's b'day

mom said...

It did show up yesterday I just had to refresh to be able to see that there was comments on the blogg.
Love MOM