Thursday, May 24, 2007

Safety First

The boys and I were outside yesterday evening. They were playing on the driveway (our most favorite place to play) and I was talking on the phone to my spectacular sister, Vikki. She was cool when I talked to the boys without putting her on hold or saying excuse me. She didn't get annoyed. She's good like that.

So, the boys wanted to get their bikes out which meant they needed helmets. They knew this on their own. "Where's my helmet?" Trevor asked. "Inside," I said.

"Where's my helmet?" Devin asked two second after Trevor asked. "Inside," I said.

So, off they go into the house. I'm talking on the phone and I'm not really sure where they went, but they were safe because they ran to the gated back yard and not the street.

All of a sudden, Trevor comes out with his helmet on and buckled under his chin. Two seconds later, Devin comes out, too. He's wearing a big grin and a set of Mickey Mouse ears.

I probably would have let it go, too, because I was enjoying my phone call to Aunt Vikki. But, Trevor is truly his brother's keeper. Devin got on his trike, and Trevor said, "NO, you can't wear that instead of a helmet!"

So, I went inside and got Devin's helmet myself, stuck it on his head, and buckled it under his chin.

Safety. First.

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