Sunday, April 11, 2010


I haven't uploaded pictures in three months. Well, I'm doing it now. I've even spent the last two hours tagging photos. But, they are mostly Trevor and Devin, so I'm not sure why I bothered.

Anyhoo! Here's the link to the most recent album:

Recent Pics

I should tell you that I'm OCD with pics. If I don't delete it right away, I don't delete it. So, I uploaded some crap pictures. A lot of crap pictures. Sorry.

Among the crap pictures, you'll find:
Trevor's Birthday
John's Birthday
Our trip to DC
Our trip to Walt Disney World in January
Random insane cuteness or what would have been randomly insanely cute if only it weren't blurry. I think you'll enjoy those anyway. That's why I couldn't delete them.
And look at this blurry mess. The kid in the middle seems to be a real life Tredevorin. Both of them mashed together!

A pink hat I made for and actually sent to Jena.
Other stuff

Enjoy it all!

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