Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The best of the worst

Trevor must have moved really fast to have been in this picture at all!

I like this one because he was annoyed that there were 2 cameras and doing his best to make everyone happy.

His hair is SOOOOO RED! Even in the back!

Find the dog!

So peaceful he's fuzzy around the edges.

I have no reason for keeping this picture! I think it's Boots and a toy.

Socks in a box with extra ears.

Making salad really fast.

I'm so glad I didn't delete this one. I just like it!

This is actually one of the best of the best.

"Oh, look!" I said. "It's Chelsea Clinton!" John took her picture, then we realized we could see her panties through her tights and decided it wasn't Chelsea Clinton after all.

More butt.

White House Lawnmower guy!

I don't know who that kid is, but I think he's from Brazil.

I think you can see into his brain.

"Is this something they wore under their helmet?" I wondered.

"It looks like a diaper." I thought.

"That's a diaper," the girl said. "The astronauts wore these under their suits because it took so long to get the suits on and off."

You're never without a port-a-potty when you're in this part of the country. It's true for State College, too.

Warm hands.

I could never delete this blurry one.

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