Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Story of the Bully

Devin has a bully. Or, he and his friend might be the bullies. I'm not sure. I want to be sure, but I don't know how to be sure without being one of "those moms." So, I'm inclined to let it ride.

I was trying to write a thesis sentence up there, but I think I failed. I will try really hard not to write anyway in the next paragraph.

Anyhow, Trevor told me the story of Devin's bully yesterday. Apparently, Devin told him the bully story moments before, but I didn't hear it. So, it was up to Trevor.

Devin's bully is named Jay. I don't know this kid. Is he new? I don't think so. I just don't know all the kids. Jay is 4. Devin and his buddy are 5. Jay, it seems, is always pushing Devin and his buddy off the tire swing, off the regular swings, things like that. And, somehow, when it happens, Devin and his buddy get a time out. This makes me think the real bully might be Devin and maybe his buddy. I know all of his teachers, and I have trouble seeing any of them being duped by a 4 year old.

As Trevor told me all this, I could tell he was not happy with this Jay fellow. Not at all. No one has ever picked on Trevor at that school. He was the first toughest, the second fastest, and the third funniest kid at that school (Devin was the first funniest). So, no one ever picked on him. Then, with great authority, Trevor declared that a 4 year old should know better than to pick on Devin and then blame him! They talked briefly about a 2 year old who shows bully tendencies, but again with authority, Trevor declared you had to cut that kid some slack. He might not know enough not to pick on others, yet. Finally, Devin announced that he wished Trevor still went to school with him because Trevor would protect him. Would fight his battles for him. I guess this is the reason it's good to be the second born. Or not.

So, that's the story of the bully. Do you think I should talk to Devin's teachers about it or let it go?

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Anonymous said...

I would wait a week, maybe two and see what kind of wisdom Trevor bestows upon Devin.

I still adore the blog. I check it regularly every friday.