Monday, March 29, 2010

Washington DC Day Two

So, we woke up on Sunday morning, and John marveled that Devin and I had any energy at all.

We cleaned up, packed our stuff and headed to the car to drop it off. I looked around the parking garage and marveled at how empty it was. One could park in the hotel's parking garage for something like $100 a day and we parked for $10 a day. It seemed eerie. So, John went to see what he could see, and he discovered the parking garage we were in was closed until Monday! Ack! So, he went to see if he could fix that. He told the attendant in the building that was connected to the garage that he thought he had made a mistake by parking there. To which the attendant looked a little flustered and said, "well, there's garages not that far that you COULD have used." John explained that he was concerned that we wouldn't be able to get the car out until Monday. And, the attendant assured it we would be able to get our car out anytime. (I included that part because we thought it was funny that the attendant misunderstood and got so offended, but maybe, it was a "had to be there" moment.)

After getting parking straightened out, we headed over the Smithsonian Air and Space museum. It was nice. Did I learn anything? Yes! I learned that propellers won't work in a vacuum (ie, space) but rockets will. Anything else? I guess I learned more about Orville and Wilbur Wright. They did an impressive thing and were the heroes of their day. I guess I also learned that I would never have qualified as a Stewardess back in the day because I'm more than one step down from Hollywood. Did the boys learn anything? They must have. I will have to ask them.

After lunch at the Food Court inside the museum, we headed back out into Washington. We discovered a HUGE immigration rally going on. I personally got all choked up. I'm not sure what they wanted. Well, they wanted immigration reform. But, what does that mean? They want to make it easier, make it harder, make it so that illegal immigrants get healthcare? I'm not sure. But, I enjoyed seeing the very large crowd.

We walked back to our car and headed out to Dupont Circle. I thought it looked like Chicago's Michigan Avenue. We found parking and started walking. We had gotten turned around, so we walked further than we would have liked. We finally got to Dupont Circle, had a cupcake, then walked back to the car. Everyone was running out of steam.

The cupcakes were OK, by the way, but not amazing. They were just cupcakes with a lot of icing. For the record, I don't get the whole cupcake craze.

We followed the GPS directions out of DC and spent about 45 minutes getting out of the city. We spent most of that time in Georgetown (I think). And, it was a cute little area. I want to go back on a nice spring day without the kids. They'd just tell me they were bored and then asked to be carried.

So, that was our trip to Washington DC. It was fun. I hope we can go back soon.

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