Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I wish...

that the camera had been pointed directly at him for this picture.

This state of of lying quietly with eyes closed for 90 minutes is not a nap.

His face was positively filthy. All of them had filthy faces, in fact!

She's cute, but she thought she would be cuter with make-up. I think she's cute just like she is.

Contrary to the look on his face, he wasn't about to pop me in the mouth.

They played so well together. Logan is an awesome playdate. She plays by Trevor's rules and doesn't make up her own. She certainly could make up her own, but she seems to know that Trevor wouldn't have fun if she did. She seems to sense the needs of others. She's awesome that way.

Isn't my dog cute???

We have 100 pictures of Socks looking like this. This is the most recent.

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Diane said...

I have a Havanese named Harpo who looks almost exactly like yours. His registered name is Bandicoot Flynn. He has a facebook page, and probably has more friends than me. How old is yours?