Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I hate the house across the street

I just hate it.

It's too high up and it needs steps put in.

The landscaping is crap and needs serious attention. They have more weeds than grass in the side and back yard.

Those electrical box things are all cattywhumpus and dumb. There's an electrical cord running from one of the boxes to the house. How do you mow around that?

There's tape residue on the lamp post from the month long garage sale the last residents had. I'm going to clean that off one of these days.

The sticker that came with the windows when they built the house? They still have one attached to one of the garage windows. Why won't they just take it down?

It's empty. Of course it is. See above. In addition to all of that, it's overpriced.

The deck on the back, while I'm glad it has a deck since it's not finished in so many other way, is a strange and awkward design.

The wrought iron fence required by the neighborhood bylaws? There's no fence.

It's nice inside if you could figure out how to get inside without walking up a steep hill or even steeper driveway.

I just hate that house. I want the builders to fix it and then sell it, not RENT it, to someone who will keep it fixed. They should take a loss to get out from under it. It would better for everyone. Especially me. Really, especially them. Especially the whole neighborhood really.

There. I feel better now.

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