Wednesday, December 02, 2009


On Thanksgiving Day, we went to Grandma's house. John and William took the kids for a walk in the woods/junkyard. Always an awesome time. At one point, Logan fell and scraped her knee, and it bled a lot.

Devin was energized by this. He started marching towards Grandma's house as quickly as he could and began yelling at everyone to hurry up. They had to get back!

Once back to the house, Devin went inside and got a tissue and began asking everyone for a band-aid. When I went outside, he asked me if I had found a band-aid. I didn't because I didn't realize that was a task he had assigned to me.

I went back in for a wet paper towel so Logan could wash off the dried blood and Devin went back to staring intently at Logan. When I came back out with the wet paper towel, Devin kept up the intense vigil every now and then yelling out, DON'T TOUCH IT!

We think that with his mobilization and medical instincts, paramedic may be a good career choice for him.

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