Sunday, May 24, 2009

Salesman of the year

Yesterday, we had a garage sale. I told the boys if they sold their toys they could keep the money. We didn't sell all their toys, and they only made about $5 apiece, and I was just giving them a portion of all proceeds to get them there.

But, Devin did his best to make sales.

He handed a little girl of about 16 months a toy from a little people farm set, and asked her if she wanted it. She, of course, took it. Devin then said, "It's not free!"

I added a little mental ha-ha (ala Nelson from the Simpsons) in my head, and then assured Devin that he had, in fact, given her the toy for free.

But, then her mom was kind enough to buy the barn that went with the little people toy Devin had "given" her.

It was one of our biggest sales of the day.

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