Sunday, May 24, 2009


We went to an Amusement Park (Lakemont) in Altoona yesterday. The first one of summer! We rode "Leap the Dips", the oldest roller coaster in the world. IN THE WORLD! The car can only hold 4 people, we think maybe they only send one car at at a time, and there was no safety bar. NO SAFETY BAR! There was a bar 18 inches in front of me, and I grasped it tightly with one hand and held on tight to Devin with the other hand. I suppose you could call that bar 18 inches away a safety bar, but it didn't meet the criteria I normally have for a safety bar. No, no, no. But, take away my worst case scenario engine or beat it to death with a safety bar, and the ride was pretty cool! I bet some of the wood on that old wooden roller coaster was from 1902 (when it was originally built). The guy used a hand brake to slow us down. It was pretty stinking nostalgic and reminded me of the days when people took their own safety into their very own hands rather than relying on things like bars and harnesses to protect them from themselves and their pursuit of fun.

They had another roller coaster and Devin was allowed to go on it. It was his very first "big" roller coaster ride if you don't include Leap the Dips. And, I think it was MY last. It felt like a brain injury. Devin, however, loved it. He wished the whole world were it! That's what he said. He rode it twice. I thought if it was so great that Devin wished the whole world were it, that I should ride it, too. That's when I experienced the sensation of a brain injury. Also, I crushed Devin once with the little help of some "g" forces when we went around a corner. He didn't mind, though.

Later, he rode a little Ferris Wheel with his brother. He said it was very peaceful.

Then, we all played Miniature Golf. I should tell you that Devin has very little interest in Mini-Golf beyond the third hole. So, don't rent him his own club. Maybe just get him a ball so it feels like he's playing. Trevor loved miniature golf, but wanted his ball back at the last hole. Then, got upset when he realized it was over. Which made us upset for investing 45 minutes in a game he wanted to play. Kids. I'm pretty sure I never was one, else I'd understand them better.

So, I would give this park a thumbs up, but I won't go back ever again if I have to pay full price. It was fun and stuff, but not worth $10 per person. And, I won't go there to play mini-golf either. I might never play mini-golf again...

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