Tuesday, August 26, 2008

From the mouths of babes...

We went to dinner last night, and the Computer Guy got himself a margarita.

Trevor understood this was an "adult beverage." And, he decided to comment on that.

"I wish that lime would make the alcohol disappear."

I don't know where he gets his ideas about alcohol, but he has it in his head that alcohol is bad. And, I don't really understand why. He's never been around someone who is stinkin' drunk. And, we don't lecture him that alcohol is bad. We've told him he can't have it because it will stunt his growth. He's ok with that. In fact, he said, "Oh, I know that kids can't drink alcohol!" with gusto and authority when we reminded him that he can't drink at 5. We've told him that it's OK to enjoy in moderation as we are known to do. But, he'd rather just have us all be tee-totalers. And, that's OK! I just don't know where it comes from. Maybe the Simpsons?!

Well, he's an enigma wrapped in a paradox all full of wisdom and sage advice. I suppose.

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