Wednesday, September 03, 2008


We went to Hershey Park over Labor Day Weekend. It was big fun! We got lots of good photos. Feel free to browse them on our Family Photos page. But, we got a series of photos that were especially good and tell a particularly good story about Devin and what he does when he's told to smile...

This was a one time opportunity family self portrait. Daddy said, "SMILE!" and

Devin held his nose!

We got three pictures of the boys with the Hershey Bar. This is actually the best one. Daddy said, "SMILE!" and

Well, just see for yourself what Devin decides to hold...

But, this is classic Devin. We got the boys these uber cute paper hats and decided to take their picture in front of Chocolate world for posterity, and...

Daddy said, "SMILE!" and

Devin hides his eyes...

Daddy said, "SMILE!" and

Devin runs towards the camera and the picture taker for a big hug (Jolly-o, I say! says Trevor in the background as he marches to the beat of his own internal drum...)

Daddy said, "SMILE!" and

Devin rocks out while Trevor contemplates his younger brother rocking out!

Daddy said, "SMILE!" and


Daddy said, "SMILE!" and

They don't really do it again. Would you like to see Devin pull his shorts up, though??

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Anonymous said...

love the pictures. those boys are just too cute.
Love you all,