Friday, August 15, 2008

Got beer?

We went to A&W/Long John Silver's for dinner tonight. We let Trevor choose. That's why we didn't end up at Olive Garden or some place where the food is brought to your table by servers. This particular A&W/Long John's Silver's continues the tradition of the Frosty Mug. I think that really does make it taste better. But, I digress...

I asked Trevor if he wanted to try the Root Beer from my Frosty Mug. He was curious. He said, "Hmmm, I've never had root beer."

Then, he added, "I've only had real beer."

Oh, yes he did say that!

But, I'm not really sure WHY he said that. I told him that he hadn't really ever had real beer, which is after all an adult beverage (he's been saying "after all" ALL THE TIME lately). He elaborated that he had Mug Root Beer at his Day Camp. I really ought to tell the people at the Chucky Cheese like day camp that I'd prefer they not give me kids soda (yeah, I'm a little opposed to that because I think High Fructose Corn Syrup is just an evil, evil thing, but also because they don't like it all that much, they find it "spicy"...I've digressed again.)

Well, my point is was that in his mind Frosty Mug Root Beer was not real beer, but Mug Root Beer was.

In end, he tasted my root beer and decided it was better than the "real beer" he tasted at Day Camp.

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