Monday, April 14, 2008

Random updates

Devin is...

...sleeping through the night in underwear without wetting the bed about 50% of the time.

...wearing underwear at home and using the potty for all his bodily waste needs almost 100% of the time
......(car trips and playing outside remain opportunities.)

...wearing underwear to school today for the first time.

...full of attitude. His dad told him to shut the basement door or Socks would get out of the house. He responded with, "I don't care, dad. I just don't care."

...tired of being second fiddle to his brother. I can't explain how I know this, but I do. He wants his "own" toys. He wants to choose what TV he watches. He wants to be an individual instead of just Trevor's little brother..

Trevor is...


...fascinated in Ben 10.

...fascinated in computer games.

...interested in becoming independent. I let him run on the boardwalk behind our house on his own without following and without watching him. He said, "why did you let me do that?" I told him it was because I trusted him to stay on the boardwalk and come back. He promised that he would always stay on the boardwalk and come right back. (This was a big moment for me, too, this letting him be more independent.)

...needs to work on his empathy despite his sensitivity. He saw a toddler in glasses yesterday and told me that a baby in glasses is "hilarious."

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