Saturday, April 19, 2008


When our creek flooded a few weeks ago, trash from far away places landed in our yard.

Trevor isn't big on litter. He thinks it should be in the garbage can. So, he picked up a piece of garbage, and noted that someone had littered. We threw away that garbage.

Then, he picked up another piece of garbage and noted again that someone had littered. I told him that we should throw that away. He said, "Hey, why don't we recycle this?"

So, we did.

I love that he's doing his part to take care of the planet. I really, really do.


DEVIN IS POTTY TRAINED. We sent him to school on Monday in underwear and two changes of clothes. He went through both sets of clothes. On Tuesday, we did the same, but he came home in the same set of clothes he went to school in. And, he's sleeping through the night without having accidents.

This is cool. I really think I am out of the diaper business. Woo-hoo...

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